This page attempts to identify every character who appears in the comic books Pride High and Kid Olympus, written by Tommy Roddy, and one-offs such as "Reality Check". It is in alphabetic order, with one exception. I like to write encylopedias similar to the telephone book of Iceland -- alphabetized by first name. After all, everyone knows Jorge, but who remembers his last name, Ponce? (Okay, you do. Bite me.) Characters are defined under their heroic names, often with a cross-reference under their 'everyday' names.

Pride High and Kid Olympus, etc., are published by Pride Comics. All information in this wiki are drawn from those sources, which are copyright and trademarked by Pride Comics with the exception of reader guest characters, whose creators are credited in the individual entries. All illustrations are drawn from publications of Pride Comics, and are covered by the preceding. Anything in this wiki that is not covered by the preceding is copyright 2008 by John D. Taylor.

This wiki is not an official publication of Pride Comics. It is a fan-created homage to that body of work. Any errors, lapses in judgment, or offensive remarks are the responsibility of the creator, John D. Taylor. Reporting such to me at will be appreciated. I have attempted to avoid spoilers that would reveal that something in a subsequent issue will invalidate something in a previous issue, but sometimes they slip in, or it is necessary that they appear. I apologize for any spoiled surprises.

Italicized words indicate a related entry. Creators are identified by real name, if known, followed by board name in parentheses if known. If only the board name is known, it appears instead of the real name. For an explanation of 'board name', see the entry under 'board name'.

Characters Appearing in Pride Comics

A - C

Adam Manas
Everyday identity of Dragon Star.

Black student at Pride High who uses a patriotic motif. He makes a one-panel cameo in PH 3. He is not named in the comic; JT made up the name for the Braille version, and is so pleased with it that he put it into the wiki.

Albert (Bert) Ash
Everyday identity of Barn'cle

Alessandro (Alex) Apotheosa
Everyday identity of Oblivious.

Alexander, Paula, Dr.
See Paula Alexander, Dr.

Allen Preston
Everyday identity of Epsilon.

Member of the World Warriors. Seen on the cover and in a cameo in PH 1 and on a computer screen as part of a computer game in PH 2. His powers and other identity are unknown.

Ship on which Nagadevi makes her base in PH 5, mentioned in PH 4.
Amphitrite is the name of a mythological nereid (sea nymph).

Angelina Guerrara
Everyday identity of Liberacion.

Annie Fong
Everyday identity of Silvermoon.

Antoinne Capp
Everyday identity of Capp.

Greek goddess of Love and Beauty. She appears in KO 1, and apparently Kid Olympus won her favor or in some other way interested her.

Greek god of the Sun and Music. He denies his favor to Kid Olympus in KO 1.

Greek god of War. He does not attend the conference of the Olympians in KO 1; his absence is commented upon.

Underclass Inter-squad Championship team made up of Kid Olympus, Beowulf, Smash and Crash and Oblivious. Their theme is "Strength in Mind and Body;" their battle-cry is "You're Shipwrecked!" They are the primary opponents of Pride High, and appear as the Argonauts in PH 1, 2, 3, and 4. In PH 6 they face off against Pride High in the I.S.C. In PH 7 they are seen in one panel against Lili'uokalani. Individual members may appear individually.
Their name (and battle-cry) refer to the mythological Argonauts, who sailed with Jason aboard the Argo to win the Golden Fleece.

Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. She denies her favor to Kid Olympus in KO 1, for an interesting reason, important to the plot.

Greek goddess of war and wisdom. She agrees to test Kid Olympus in KO 1.

A member of the Legends. For more information, see the entry for the Legends. He appears in a cameo in PH 5.

Everyday identity Albert (Bert) Ash
Cameo in PH 1.
Created by Sissy Boy('Sissy').

Egyptian goddess of cats, and the source of Chip Cheetah's power.
She has not appeared in Pride High, but Chip invokes her in issue 2, page 23.

Holographic arena in which Inter-squad Championship matches are held, also used for training. Mindsweeper is killed in a Battledome malfunction in PH 1 and 2. Pride High faces the Hackers in a Battledome match in PH 4.

Everyday identity Beowulf Johansson.
Incredibly strong member of the Argonauts, descendant of legendary hero Beowulf. He also has some kind of 'super-breath' power. He is a bully with a cruel sense of humor. He seems to be engaging in a clandestine romance with Scotch Bonnet. He appears on the cover of PH 1, and in the stories in PH 1, 2, 3 and 6. He makes a very brief cameo in PH 4, and appears in a one-page with the team in PH 7.

Beowulf Johansson
Everyday identify of Beowulf.

Bert Ash
Everyday identity of Barn'cle. Note: for what it's worth, 'Bert Ash' is a play on words, referring to an American Indian custom.

Black Coral
Member of the Champions of Atlantis. Daughter of a Japanese pearl diver and an Atlantean explorer, she easily passes for fully human. Named after the razor-sharp coral she can create at a moment's notice. She appear in PH 5, and makes a one-page surprise appearance at the end of PH 7.
Created by William Indigo Northwest.

board name
A name used on the Pride High Board in place of a member's everyday name. In this wiki it is the name inside parentheses following a character creator's real name, if known; otherwise it is the name used to identify the character's creator.

Everyday identity Wade Jeffries.
Member of the Hackers, he is a double amputee equipped with extendable cybernetic legs designed by his older brother Screw. He appears in PH 4, as well as having cameos in PH 5 and 6, and appears in a one-page with the team in PH 7. He is Kid Olympus' adoring lab partner. He is very young and enthusiastic, not to say 'bouncy'.

Bracer of Haephestus
Armlet which gives Kid Olympus amazing strength in PH 2. It is summoned by the bracer on his right arm, and may be said bracer, or may replace it when in use. The bracer on KO's arm gives him weapons from the Olympic gods. All of these weapons have not been identified, and it is not known if the bracer he always wears is 'the Bracer of Haephestus' or if it replaces the standard bracer. The former would appear to be correct. The powering of the bracer seems to be the focus of KO 1.

Bradley Thomas Thayer
Everyday identity of Cascade.

A one-page joke panel by Polawat Darapong in PH 7.

Shorthand for "cameo appearance", a very brief appearance, usually only one or two panels and without important dialogue. "He makes a cameo (appearance)...", "she is in a cameo (appearance)...", "it has a cameo (appearance)..." 'Cameo' also describes a brooch with a raised image; that definition is never meant when used in this wiki. He doesn't make a brooch, she isn't in a brooch, it doesn't have a brooch.
Identification of an appearance as a cameo is arbitrary, capricious and subjective on the part of the wiki writer.

Cameron Ashton
Poseidon Prep student, and son of two super-villains. He is a powerful empath. He appears in PH 5 as Kid Mischief's lab partner, and has important information. He makes cameo appearances in PH 6, the second of which is somewhat significant. He has an important role in PH 7, has a fight with Kid Mischief, and reveals some very personal information.
Created by Feargal Keenan (Hellion).

Everyday identity Antoinne Capp.
Member of the Five-Fold Path, and appears with them in PH 7. Roommate of the mysterious Jeremy. He appears in cameo in PH 1 and has dialogue in PH 3. He makes a small cameo, and is also discussed, in PH 7; it is pretty well determined that he is not gay. He also appears with his team. He often wears a Canadian tee-shirt.
Created by Bradley Clutts ('rpgcub').

Captain Lucky
Leader of the Legends. He is mentioned in PH 3, and makes a cameo appearance in PH 5. He is actually a cross-over from a super-group found at

Cas Murphy
Nickname for Castor Murphy, Everyday identity of Crash of Smash & Crash.

Everyday identity Bradley Thomas Thayer.
He has not appeared in Pride Comics, but in PH 4 Kimmick admitted spying on him because she had a crush on him.

Castor Murphy
Everyday identity of Crash of Smash & Crash.

Cecelia "Sissy" Walker
Everyday identity of Masquerade.

Everyday identity Otieno Zene.
Member of Feral Force who appears in one scene in PH 7.
Created by Sage Nenyue.

Winged, non-human member of Feral Force who appears with the team in one scene in PH 7.
Created by Julie Salisbury.

Champions of Atlantis
A super-team with water-based powers, apparently operating out of Atlantis, with the goal of retrieving stolen treasures. Whether they are heroes or villains depends on point of view. The team appears in PH 5, and consists of Wave Witch, Deep Shock, Sea Star, Sea Devil, and Black Coral.. It makes a one-page surprise appearance at the end of PH 7.

Chip Cheetah
Everyday identity Chippendale Chesterfield.
Student from England, able to transform his body into a moderate lycanthropic feline form or an incredibly strong lycanthropic feline form. He also has incredible speed, as demonstrated in PH 7. He is a devotee of Bast, the Egyptian goddess of cats. He is extremely sensitive about a scar on his lip that most other people don't notice. He appears in every issue of Pride High, and is on the covers of PH 1, 3, 5 and 6, and on the alternate cover of PH 2. He is the logo boy on issue 7.

Chippendale Chesterfield
Everyday identity of Chip Cheetah.

Christian Gunn, Dr.
Everyday identity of Lightspot.

Claire Aedhamair
Everyday identity of Scotch Bonnet.

Coach Jack Pryde
See Jack Pryde, Coach.

Craig Newman
Everyday identify of Mindsweeper.

See Smash & Crash.

A Scottish expression of surprise used by Scotch Bonnet at moments of stress.

Croix D'Ombre (The Shadow Cross)
The complete heroic name of D'Ombre, according to his creator.


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