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La Raza
Upper-class Inter-squad Championship team led by Liberacion. The other four members are male, but have not been identified. They appear in a very discomforting cameo in PH 4, but it leads to Kid Mischief discovering an interesting thing about his power. La Raza's theme is "¡Latinos Unidos!"

Latinos Unidos
Poseidon Prep's Hispanic student organization. The members of La Raza are drawn from it. It does not actually appear in the comic, but in commentary from Tommy Roddy.

A member of the Legends. For more information, see the entry for the Legends. She appears in a cameo in PH 5.

A written argot used primarily on the Internet, which uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace Latinate letters. The term is derived from the word "elite", and the usage it describes is a specialized form of symbolic writing. Different dialects of leet are found on different online forums. (From the Wikipedia article on "leet".) Primarily a form of superiority by persons who consider themselves experts in computer usage to exclude or confuse persons with less experience. It is also used in gaming, etc., to write quickly for conversations between players during on-line adventures.

Legends, the
A cross-over super-group found at They are mentioned in PH 3, and make a cameo appearance in PH 5. Mischief is connected with them in some way.

Names, descriptions and images of the Legends and its members are copyright 2006, 2007 by Legendary Entertainment.

Everyday identity Angelina Guerrara.
Leader of La Raza. Originally from Cuba, she is a product of Russian 'super-trooper' experimentation using genetic manipulation to produce faster, smarter, tougher soldiers. She has an important cameo in PH 4.
Created by Eric Stevens.

Everyday identity Dr. Christian Gunn.
Algebra and calculus teacher at Poseidon Prep, and powered heroic wielder of Light and Darkness. He is mysteriously involved with the death of Mindsweeper. Appears in all issues of Pride High (although only in cameos in PH 2, 4 and 7) and is on the covers of PH 1 and 3. He appears on the title screen of the computer game Heroes in the City in PH 2.
Created by 'OKStateCowboy'.

Underclass Inter-squad Competition team led by Pele and containing Night Marcher, Kahuna Lapa'au, Howle, and Humuhumunuku'a'pua'a. Some members appear in PH 3, the team makes an appearance in PH 6, and it battles the Argonauts in PH 7. Lili'uokalani's theme is "Honoring the heritage of Hawai'i." It is named for the last queen of Hawaii, who also wrote the song 'Aloha Oe'.

Lillian Thunderfoot, Professor
Everyday identity of Thunderfoot.

Everyday identity Joel Tang.
Member of Intersquad Championship team Five Fold Path, he appears with the team in a one-page in PH 7.
Created by Trevor Duke.


Lizard Lad
Everyday identity Jarod (Scales) Broderick.
Member of Intersquad Championship team Feral Force.. In a romantic relationship with Dragon Star. He has cameo roles in PH 1 and 3, and appears on the cover of PH 3. He is in a one-page with the team in PH 7.
Created by Ricky Dean.

logo boy, logo girl
The character seen in the box in the upper left-hand corner of a comic's cover, containing company name, comic issue number, price and date, and also a picture representing someone who appears in the comic, or someone Tommy Roddy just felt like 'honoring' this issue. The logo boys and girls have been:
PK1: Kid Olympus
PK2: Suravi
PK3: Unison x 3
PK4: Kid Mischief
PK5: Scotch Bonnet and w00t
PK6: Mindsweeper
PK7: Chip Cheetah
KO1: Feng Po-po, Chinese goddess of wind.

She has apparently been dropped from the roster, as I have no information on her. She appears in a very brief cameo in PH 3.

Madam Onyx
Everyday identity Mira Lawsley.
Faculty member at Poseidon Prep, teaching a course in 'heroic acts'. She makes a cameo appearance in PH 1.
Created by Eric M. Patterson.

Marco Delacruz
Everyday identity of Vaporware.

Mark Jeffries
Everyday identity of Screw.

Everyday identity Cecelia "Sissy" Walker.
She appears in PH 1, 3 and 6, and is on the cover of PH 3.
Created by Sissy Boy('Sissy')

Upperclass Intersquad Championship team consisting of Celestro, Gravita, Iron Crusader, Rhyfel and Venus. The team appears in a one-page in PH 7. Their motto is "The Outstanding Intellect". Their battle cry is "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam": I will either find a way or make one

Chinese goddess of the sea, she appears in a montage in KO 1.

A McGuffin, coined by Alfred Hitchcock, is a plot device that motivates the characters or advances the story, but is otherwise unimportant. The most famous McGuffin is the Maltese Falcon. Scylla's Eggs are a McGuffin in PH 5. A hibiscus flower serves as a McGuffin in PH 7.

Everyday identity Craig Newman
Original leader of Pride High, mind controlling telepath who also used his power to provide vision for blind Suravi. He was killed in an accident in the Battledome in PH 1, with more detail provided in PH 2. There are some suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, which Pride High is investigating.
He and Kid Mischief were gay lovers. He appears in PH 1, and in flashbacks in all other issues. He is on the cover of PH 1 and 3. He appears on the cover of PH 7 as Craig.He shares a kiss with Kid Mischief on the alternate cover of PH 2. He is the logo boy on issue 6.

Mira Lawsley
Everyday identity of Madam Onyx.

Everyday identity George Astor.
Costumed hero with amazing mental powers, including telekinesis and telepathy. He is the guardian and mentor of Kid Mischief, and in some unexplained way is the source of Kid Mischief's abilities.
He is associated with the World Warriors and the Legends.
He appears in PH 2 and 3 as George Astor, in PH 5 as Mischief. and in PH 6 and 7 as both. He appears on the title screen of the video game Heroes in the City in PH 2. He appears on the cover of PH 1 and on the alternate cover of PH 2.

Kid Mischief's on-line name, as seen in PH 2. 'Maricon' is the Spanish word for 'homosexual'; KM's handle is the answer to a slur: "Hey, maricon!" "(That's) Mr. Maricon to you."

Mystic Jade
A member of the Legends. For more information, see the entry for the Legends. She appears in a cameo in PH 5.

A dangerous mercenary with the ability to shape-shift into several serpentine forms, including the naga of Indian legend. She is mentioned in PH 4, appears in PH 5, and is on the cover of PH 1. Her name means 'sacred snake'.

Newman, Mr. and Mrs.
The parents of Mindsweeper, Craig Newman. They appear in PH 3. In PH 2 it is mentioned that they are suing the school, the manufacturer of the Battledome and Lightspot for negligence in Craig's death. Mrs. Newman calls Kid Mischief in PH 2 and asks him to deliver the eulogy at Craig's funeral. Mindsweeper has a photograph of his parents on his desk in PH 1. They are on the cover of PH 3.

Everyday identity Daniella Van Damn.
A member of Inter-squad Championship team Vixens, she appears with them in PH 7.
Created by 'Hellion'.

She makes a one-panel cameo appearance in PH 3. Her body is completely composed of water, and as a result she is afraid of fire-creating Scotch Bonnet.
Created by Desmond Miller ('nemocub').

Night Marcher
Everyday identity Ulla Brenn.
Blue-haired Hawaiian girl who can become a mysterious semi-phantom, and gain other powers as well. She is a member of Inter-squad Championship team Lili'uokalani. She appears briefly in PH 3 and 6, and appears with her team in a one-page in PH 7. She also appears in PH 7 as (presumably) the room-mate of Pele.
Note: the Hawaiian Night Marchers is a parade of dead kahunas; anyone who sees it may find themselves eligible to join! Created by 'Hellion'.

Everyday identity Alessandro (Alex) Apotheosa.
Newest member of the Argonauts, he automatically radiates an anti-psionic sphere with a ten foot radius with him as the center. Any psionic power that attempts to pass through this sphere is dissipated, and no one within that sphere is able to use a psionic power. He appears in a cameo in PH 1, joins the Argonauts in PH 3, participates in the battle against Pride High in PH 6, and appears with the team in a one-page in PH 7. He appears on the cover of PH 3.
Oblivious is the creation of Eric Stevens ('Perihelion').

Ombre, d'
See D'Ombre. Since the "d'" is French 'of', it should be alphabetized as "Ombre, d'", in my opinion. But we English speakers insist on including the 'of' when using foreign names. See also Raza, La.

Pacific City, CA (California)
Fictional city on the coast of California, home to Poseidon Prep. It is seen in an overhead view in the first panel of PH 1.

Pandora La Croix
Everyday identity of Glamour.

The on-line name of Chip Cheetah, as seen in PH 2.

Paul Murphy
Nickname of Pollux Murphy, everyday identity of Smash of Smash & Crash.

Paula Alexander, Dr.
Headmistress of Poseidon Prep. Her powers have not been completely revealed. She appears in PH 1, 3 and 4, makes a cameo in 6, and is on the cover of PH 3.

Pele Pukahi
Everyday identity of Pele.

Everyday identity Pele Pukahi.
Hawaiian leader of Intersquad Competion squad     Lili'uokalani. Her name is from the Hawaiian volcano goddess. She is the girlfriend of Kid Olympus, although that relationship is beginning to be a little strained. She appears in PH 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7, and is shown in a one-page with the team battling the Argonauts. She is on the covers of PH 1 and 3.

Pollux (Paul) Murphy
Everyday identity of Smash of Smash & Crash.

Poseidon Preparatory Academy for Heroic Youth (Poseidon Prep)
Boarding school for high school students with amazing powers, or with other specialities which make them eligible to attend. Children of costumed heroes are often admitted to Poseidon Prep for safety reasons.
It is the primary setting for Pride High, and appears in all issues.

Power Up
Everyday identity Susie King.
Member of Intersquad Competion squad     Vixens. Seen with the team in a one-page in PH 7.
Created by Julie Salisbury.


Pride High
Inter-Squad Championship team made up of Kid Mischief, Scotch Bonnet, Suravi, Chip Cheetah and Unison. It was originally led by Mindsweeper, who died in a tragic Battledome mishap.
Pride High's theme is "Poseidon High's Gay/Straight Alliance". In their first appearance in an I.S.C. event (PH 4) Kid Mischief had neglected to invent a battle-cry, and used the rather lame "Go, team." By their second event (PH 6), their battle-cry was "For the Out Crowd!" The team as an I.S.C. team also appears in a one-page in PH 7.
It is the eponymous focus of the comic Pride High, and of course appears in all issues.

Pride High Board
A computer forum existing in 'the real world' where fans of Pride High can read comments and information concerning Pride Comics. A person who registers on this board becomes a member. Members of the Pride High Board can post messages and create new characters, and if Tommy Roddy needs a character with certain characteristics for a story, he can use these characters providing a character release form has been submitted.

leetspeak for "Ownage" or "Total Domination." It is the battle-cry of the Hackers.

Everyday identity Aki Kahoru.
A member of the Five-Fold Path who appears with the team in a one-page in PH 7.
Created by Collin Miller.


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