Here are some links to other pages that I enjoy, and hope you will, too.

Permission to use the Teenie Weenies name and images came from Tribune Media Services, which can be reached at Comicspage.

The Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society's site has already been referenced, but here it is again:  KaCSFFS.

Andy Madura sells newspaper comics, and has been a great source of my Teenie Weenies collection. AND he has a link to my page!

Richard Saunders, also known as Myxzlpyx, has a very fine Teenie Weenies page, with some information I don't. (And I have info he doesn't, so it kind of evens out.)

My buddy Don Halley has been producing a series of e-mailed Teenie Weenie Newsletters (although each one has a different title. If you'd like to receive them, his e-mail address is Tell him THETWS sent you.

For Playmobil fans, I have found a lot of help on the Garden Wargaming page.   (But they're not to blame!) Interestingly enough, their logo is from The Teenie Weenies in the Wildwood!

Another strange and unusual Playmobil site is Just For Klicks!.   It contains stories using Playmobil figures as characters. Warning: Adult Content (although nothing too shocking, but just be advised.)

Playkingdoms is one of my favorite Playmobil sites. I have even donated to their museum section and to the customizing section. I'm "Count Conrad."

Pride High is a comic book that I am becoming more and more deeply involved. I'm JT, drop by and check out the boards. Oh -- and buy the comic, too. Available online.

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