Bay City, California, is a fictional city that I have had in my head for years. It has appeared in many guises. It was the setting for my Homo Heroes comic book, it was the setting for my Macho Women with Guns FRPG campaign, and aspects of it have spilled over into Geobra Island, my Playmobil world. It was also featured in the Hero Trip, a super-hero FRPG that I created with another comics fan. I also intend to use it as the setting for my episode in the story "Round Robin".

All the names in Bay City are terrible puns, like the names of drag queens. The most important character is Justin Thyme, who is my own avatar. His middle name is Danika (his grandmother's name), so his full name is Justin Danika Thyme. His initials are JDT, just like mine.

Click here to see the rules for Bay City naming.

This wiki is organized in one of my favorite formats, the telephone book of Iceland. Because there are no family names in Iceland, the book is in alphabetical order by first name. There is an entry for each last name in Bay City, followed by the first names of people with that last name. Other entities besides people are contained in this wiki.

In the first column, names in italics are family names, names in bold-face are costumed crime-fighters and criminals.

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A. P. AiryBay City bee-keeper who trains bees as killing machines (although each bee dies after it stings). He will use the name The Bee-Keeper. Brother of A.V. Airy, uncle of Jan U. Airy.
Retcon: it may turn out that A. P. Airy is actually the creator of Chicken Hawk's wings, since bees are aerodynamically unable to fly.
A. V. AiryKindly old scientist who disappeared mysteriously. Brother of A.P. Airy. He was especially interested in birds, and how they fly. Perry Grinn cleared up his estate for his niece Jan U. Airy, and as payment was given the plans for the wings which he uses as Chicken Hawk.
A. Whatsnew, Dr.assistant and biographer of Sherlaw Kombs
Abel Bakerradio operator for TWA, husband of Cookie Baker, father of Colinda. Abel is a Cajun from Louisiana, and speaks French like a native -- of Louisiana. He named his daughter for the title character of the song "Allons danser, Colinda".
AckZoe D.
Acton KiddSon of a great hero (Action Man), cryogenically frozen for years, discovered and defrosted in Bay City, now attending school. Or maybe something else.
Ada HartzDealer at her brother's casino, sister of Nina, twin sister of Asa.
Adventure, CaliforniaA small town about 20 miles east of Bay City, home of Adventure College. See also High Road.
Adventure CollegeA liberal arts college in Adventure, California, about 20 miles east of Bay City. Among its professors are Dr. Indy House, Prof. N.T. Quarian, and Prof. Archie Ology. Among its students are Ben Dover, Sam Quentin Quayle and Lincoln Greene. (The last two are high-school students taking extension courses.)
AiryA.P., A.V., Graham, Jan U.
Al BinoPale-skinned super-villain using the name the Great White Hope or just the White Hope. Leader of a racist organization called W.H.I.T.E., although I can't remember what the acronym stands for. Lover of Lily White.
Al ChemistA pharmacist with a sideline in philters and charms.
Alice Forgiven
Allison DeKayA mysterious woman who apparently lives, or is at least contacted, at a sepulchre in the Nessun Dorma cemetary. She has power and control over the undead, and was active in two MWWG adventures. She is not a villain, however. At least, so far. That you know. She is assisted by mortician Paul Bearer; their relationship is unclear except that he is a minion. Note: for "Round Robin" she is called Morgana. Allison DeKay doesn't work as a name, really. Note 2: The name is being retconned into "Fata Morgana".
Alpha DogA German shepherd police dog with a telepathic link to his handler, Kay Nine. Sometimes it is necessary for Kay to perform actions inappropriate for a law officer; when that happens he puts a mask on his dog, Center, and then mentally helps him track down criminals that the law cannot touch.
Angela MercyNurse. Also the 'healing' character that I created for City of Heroes. Daughter of Laura Mercy. She may also be a nun, a member of the Sisters of the Holy Crusaders, with healing powers.
Angelo MercyUnclear who he is.
Angus CattleScottish cowboy, cousin of Brandon and Russell.
Ann TarriesWhip expert enlisted in Zodiac (1) as Scorpio. She found that she enjoyed the experience, and is working with Carson O. Gennick (Cancer) to reform the group. Note: Antares is the largest star in the constellation Scorpio.
Anna CondaSnake charmer and herptologist.
Anna QuarianDaughter of Prof. N.T. Quarian. She was recruited by Zodiac (1) and given the power to form and control water, using the identity Aquarius (1). She is not a criminal, and it is not known if she has retained the water-control ability.
Annis SeedOne of two Victorian-age sisters who have been pulled out of time. Annis is a jewel robber, and has a romantic relationship with Sirius Condition, who may be responsible for pulling them through time. Annis' sister is Poppy.
AntiopeQueen of the Amazons, living on a floating island that can be wherever she wants it to be. She was rescued by the Homo Heros, Justin Thyme and India House, Pearl Diver, Gil Breather and Virgo.
Aqua-MarineCostumed identity of Gil Breather, a soldier from underwater Atlantis. He intended to attack a Bay City polluter with a troop of soldiers, but the pollution killed all of them but him. He was rescued by Justin Thyme and Pearl Diver, who cleaned him up and saved his life. He is reluctant to return to Atlantis, and so works for Thyme and Tide Marine Services as a diver. Aqua-Marine is a borderline character, unclear whether he falls into the hero or villain category. He was also Pisces (1) for the first Zodiac criminal cartel.
Aquarius (1)Secret identity Anna Quarian, recruited by Zodiac (1) with the power to form and control water. She is not a criminal, and it is not known if she has retained the water-control ability. (Sidebar: Aquarius is the Roman equivalent of Ganymede; apparently the creator of Zodiac (1) was unaware of this, or lacked the information to mind-control Zeus' cup-bearer.)
Arachne PhobicInsectologist (or arachnologist?) who helped with MWWG with a giant spider problem. Sister of Homer Phobic, although that was never revealed or germane.
Archie OlogyArcheology and ancient history professor at Adventure College. Brother of Phil.
AresGreek god of War (more specifically the god of bloodlust, or slaughter personified), sent from Olympus by Hera (his mother) to take another shot at Ganymede. However, instead he was, to his amusement, recruited by Scorpio to become a member of Zodiac (2), under the name 'Aries', a homophone. She did not understand the difference. His sister is Hebe, wife of Herakles and former cup-bearer.
Aries (1)Member of Zodiac (1), he has almost no neck and a metal plate in his head, and so he is able to knock down doors, walls and opponents with his head-butt. He is not a member of Zodiac (2). His real name is Roger A. Shepherd.
Aries (2)See Ares.
Asa HartzOwner of casino. Brother of Nina, twin brother of Ada.
Asa NineIncompetent, husband of Bea, father of Kay and Leo.
AttricksJerry, P. D.
August MoonImpresario, owner of the Teahouse of D. August Moon First name Donald.
Avery RichmanMillionaire philanthropist and industrialist. Court-appointed guardian of Linda Hand.


BaggNick L.
BakerAbel, Cookie, Colinda (Cupcake)
BallBeau Ling, Bella D., Chrystal. Once wealthy family of socialites, now fallen on hard times and supported by Chrystal's fortune-telling abilities.
Barb WireCowhand on a ranch.
Barbie DahlWife of Ken Dahl. Perfect in every way. Lived in the same apartment complex as many of the MWWG. Intended to be revealed as an android in a later adventure that didn't happen.
Bart EndorBartender at the Flaming'O
Basil GardenHandsome actor in villainous roles, disfigured in a severe fire at the studio. He retired, but continued to haunt the studio in the identity of the Brown Recluse. His birth name was Herb Garden. He has a son who is also an actor, the handsome leading man Rock Garden.
Bass Mint, the An underground shop that makes stringed musical instruments. Pronounced 'base mint'. A place with this name exists in Kansas City.
Bastetfemale felinoid jewel thief (a cat burglar), secret identity Belinda Catt. Also Egyptian cat-goddess, not known if there is a true connection.
Bay City League of DecencyJude S. Priest, Lana Goshen, Laura Mercy.
Bea NineA very sweet lady. Widow of Asa, mother of Kay and Leo.
Beau LingProprietor of Beau Ling Lanes, a popular bowling alley. Brother of Carol and May Ling (Permit). Lover of Bella D. Ball and father of her son Beau Ling Ball. Also known as Bo Ling, his real name.
Beau Ling BallInfant son of Bella D. Ball by Beau Ling, named after his father.
Beau Ling LanesA popular Bay City bowling alley, owned by Beau Ling.
Bee-Keeper, theVillain who uses trained bees (or has a method of controlling bees) to commit felonies including murder. His secret identity is A. P. Airy. (Note: the Bee-Keeper may use wings designed by his brother, A.V. Airy, and may be responsible for his disappearance.)
Beecher Meat CompanyA Bay City meat-packing company, employer of Frank Furter, Porter House and Chuck Stake.
Belinda Cattfelinoid, operates criminally as Bastet.
Bella D. BallAn aging beauty, once a reigning debutante. Seduced by Beau Ling and mother by him of Beau Ling Ball. She named him after his father.
Ben DoverGay college archeology student, crippled by a terrorist attack, and now the alter-ego of powered hero Ganymede. Brother of Eileen Dover. Lover of Turk Oyz.
Benedict TeenLiquor store owner, husband of Phyllis and father of Nicco.
Benedict Teen BrandyLiquor store owned by Benedict Teen.
Bernie BurneyFireman (first name Bernard)
Bertha Collarschool girl, daughter of Horace
Bertha Day SuitNudist, sister of Sonny Day, aunt of Spring (Day) Thyme.
Beryl O. FunnAmusement park owner. In a relationship with Joe Kerr.
Bess TwishesGreeting card writer, works for the Callendar Publishing Company
Billy Clubsmall time crook
Bingo CardA midget actor. He was featured in the movie Witch Queen of Oz, but was not one of the villainous midgets. He continues to live in Bay City. He has a romantic interest in fellow midget Lil Darlin. He is the brother of etiquette expert Colin Card.
Blossom ThymeWife of Hi Thyme and mother of Moore and Lester Thyme. Now deceased.
BlueKerry, Lavender
Bo LingSee Beau Ling.
Bob WhiteAvid hunter, husband of Lily White and uncle of Sam Quentin Quayle, who lives with the Whites.
Bobby SachsEnglish policeman
Bona FideSister of Electra Fide, and secret identity of the Pink Witch.
Brandon CattleRancher, owner of the Focus Ranch (which see). Brother of Russell and Hedda.
Broken ArmsSeedy apartment building. Home to, among others, Pat and Linda Hand.
Brown Recluse, theMy favorite costumed crime-fighter. Handsome actor of villainous roles, Basil Garden was in a disfiguring accident. Horrified by his facial change, he retired from acting and became a recluse, haunting the studio that had once been his workplace. When he learned of a plot to by Mustafa Scruluse to kidnap the actors in a movie entitled Witch Queen of Oz, he assumed the identity of the Brown Recluse. Mustafa was using disgruntled midgets as his henchman, so the Brown Recluse started bumping them off. He was definitely an ambiguous character morally. I used this as the setup for a MWWG episode. It was going to be a Homo Heroes adventure, but that didn't get off the ground. I have also used the Brown Recluse as a character in my short-lived City of Heroes on-line game, and introduced him into Poseidon Prep as a teacher in Pride High. He is an expert athlete and sword-fighter, and has been known to use a poisonous dart-gun.
Bruce Eisley
BrutopiaTotalitarian country invented by Carl Barks ( Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck. Its spies, including Ivan Awfulitch, are constantly attempting to overthrow or embarrass the United States or steal its secrets.
Buck Neckid Cowhand and also nudist.
Bud VaseFlorist. Gay, ex-lover of Justin Thyme and Ben Dover. Bud is also an ex-Navy Seal.
Bull PizzleHomophobic creep, given an amulet by the Greek goddess Hera that changed him into the Minotaur. Ganymede destroyed the amulet by throwing it into the sea, but it was recovered by the secret backer of Zodiac (1) and used to give Pizzle the identity of Taurus. His actual first name is not known.
Bunny Pellitssecret identity of costumed criminal the White Rabbit (2). No other information.
Buzz Hoff
Buzz SawCarpenter, furniture maker and lumberjack.


C. Howie KummsA lout and fisherman, a member of the Master Baiters. For a while he was known as the husband of Wendy Thyme; it may be that they were divorced and she remarried. More likely it was just reconned.
C. KrettFamous scientist, responsible with his wife Iva See Krett for founding the C. Krett Laboratory. He is the father of Topsy and Innocent C. His first name is Chauncey, and he hated it. He and his wife were supposedly killed in a lab accident.
C. Krett LaboratoryA top-secret laboratory in Bay City, founded years ago by scientists C. Krett and his wife Iva See Krett. Topsy Krett is the CEO, and Major Mark Thyme is the Army officer in charge of security.
CallCurtis E.
CallendarCort, Gregory N., Julian, Marcia (Thyme), May Ann. Very prominent Bay City family, connected with the Thyme family through Marcia.
CancerMember of Zodiac (1) and organizer of Zodiac (2). Uses mechanical pincers that can crush steel. Secret identity Carson O. Gennick.
Candy StriperNurse trainee working for Dr. India House at the Dr. N.D. House Memorial Clinic.
"Cap" Rick HorneJustin Thyme's first nautical employer, now serving time for insurance fraud.
Capricorn (1)A forced member of Zodiac (1), he is the goat-bodied epitome of lust. His secret identity is Randy Studd, the reluctant villain the Satyr. He has not been recruited for Zodiac (2).
Cara Lott
CardBingo, Colin
Carlotta ValuesUsed car dealer
Carl OttUsed car salesman, works for Carlotta Values.
Carol LingGospel singer. Sister of Beau and May Ling (Permit).
Carson O. GennickMillionaire industrialist and polluter, the cause of the deaths of Aqua-Marine's troops. Also worked in Zodiac (1) as Cancer, and is organizing Zodiac (2). His right-hand man is Urban Blight.
Cassius Cashcan
CattleAngus, Brandon, Hedda, Russell
CenterPolice dog, works with Kay Nine. They have a telepathic link.
Charity Casepauper
Charity LessThe most selfish of the Less Sisters (Charity, Faith, Hope, Mercy and Ruth), she was murdered while attempting to do something. Her sisters formed a vengeance squad, the Sisters of Charity, to avenge her death and investigate similar crimes.
Chick Weed
Chicken HawkCrime-fighting costumed identity of Perry Grinn. Uses mechanical wings to fly; wings have a disadvantage -- they will not carry over 200 pounds. Mentor of Cock Robin and the Sparrow. Member of the Homo Heroes.
Chris AnthemumFloral arranger, Bud Vase's assistant and lover.
Chrystal Ballfortune teller, sister of Bella; aunt of Beau Ling Ball. She is also a member of the Sue Doe Science Institute.
Chuck StakeMeat packer at Beecher Meat Packing.
Circle JerksA gay boy scout troop headed by Perry Grinn in a MWWG episode.
Claire Annette, SisterNun, member of the Sisters of the Holy Crusaders. Musical.
Cock RobinCrime-fighting costumed identity of Lincoln Greene. Uses mechanical wings to fly; wings have a disadvantage -- they will not carry over 200 pounds. Youthful partner of Chicken Hawk and the Sparrow, junior member of the Homo Heroes. African American.
Colin CardA very polite gentleman, partner of Curtis E. Call, brother of midget Bingo Card. He is somewhat embarrassed by his brother. Very superficial.
Colinda "Cupcake" Bakertoddler daughter of Cookie and Abel Baker. She was named for the old Cajun song "Allons danser, Colinda."
Convent of St. BarbaraConvent headquarters of the Sisters of the Holy Crusaders. St. Barbara is the patron saint of explosives and firearms.
Cookie BakerBakery owner, husband of Abel Baker, mother of Colinda (Cupcake).
CollarBertha, Horace
Commie KaziSee Akai Kazi.
Cort Callendarlawyer, illegitimate son of Julian Callendar by an unidentified woman; acknowledged by the Callendar family. Sometimes lover of Perry Grinn. Nephew of Marcia Thyme, and so a cousin of Justin, Mark and Wendy.
Crispian TenderCook, specializing in fried chicken.
Cupcake BakerSee Colinda Baker
Curtis E. CallA very polite gentleman, partner of Colin Card
Cy Burnett HicksA scientist working at the C. Krett Laboratory. He is evil, but his work is brilliant. He has confronted the Gemini once, and Ganymede once. He uses dreams, and the second time he created solid images that lasted for 24 hours.
Cy KottickA crazed killer who is himself often killed, but always returns a la Jason or Freddy.
Cy-ClonesThe dream images created by Cy Burnett Hicks.


D. August Moonsee August Moon
DahlBarbie, Ken
Dan D. Lion
Dark Alleydangerous side street in Bay City
Darrell B. MorfukinTheatrical entrepreneur, creator of the Morfukin midgets, many of whom turned out to be tools of terrorist Mustafa Scruluce. Morfukin is not himself a midget.
DharmabhikshamNarendrasingh (see N. D. House, Dr.)
DayBertha (Day) Suit, Sonny, Spring (Thyme)
DeKayAllison. See "Fata Morgana".
Della StreetA residential street in Bay City.
Dennis AnyoneTennis pro
Didi (Diana) KombsInfant daughter of Thierry Kombs and Wendy Thyme Kombs.
DiamondsJack O.
Dick Whippetcriminal, secret identity of The Flasher
Dixie Cupp
Domo ArigatoJapanese pilot, better at taking off than landing.
Don PatrolA pilot for TWA (Teenie Weenie Airlines)
Donna DisguisePrivate detective
Doug GravesUndertaker, works for Mort Titian. Has some kind of relationship with Fata Morgana. A minor character in MWWG.
DoverBen, Eileen
DrummTitus A.
Dudley Nightshadepoisoner
Duncan N. DePooleSwimmer, abducted by the Trolls.
Dwight HunterRetired safari guide and hunter, now a costumed criminal under the name of the White Hunter. Was also a member of Zodiac (1) as Sagittarius. He will probably reprise the role in Zodiac (2).


Eb TideRetired sailer, father of Rip Tide.
Eileen DoverWaitress, buxom sister of Ben Dover.
Electra FideSecret identity of costumed criminal Shocking Pink. Sister of the Pink Witch, Bona Fide.
Apocrypha: Electra may have been killed during her last criminal foray; her body, still charged with electricity, stolen from the morgue and reanimated by Jacqueline Hyde.
Elvis LanguageAn ambassador from the Sidhe ('she') court.
Erna LottWealthy businesswoman, aunt of Owen A. Lott.
EscondidoThe original Spanish name of Bay City. It means "Hidden".
Escondido BayThe Pacific coast bay that gives Bay City its name.
Eva Destructionanarchist
EveningSam and Janet


Fag BasherA costumed (sort of) criminal who attacked Jacob Ian Furniture but was repulsed by the MWWG. His secret identity was Homer Phobic.
Fag HagCostumed identity adopted once by Dr. India House to rescue members of the Homo Heroes.
Faith LessOne of the five Less sisters (see Sisters of Charity), she betrayed her sister Charity. She is still known for being untrustworthy.
Faron WarmerMeteorologist
Fata MorganaSee Morgana.
Father Hoodsee Rob N. Hood
Father Les, Father ThymeSee Les Thyme.
Fellow TravelerCostumed identity adopted once by Justin Thyme to rescue members of the Homo Heroes. (Note: a 'fellow traveler' is a straight man who enjoys the company of gay men.)
FideBona, Electra
Flaming'OBay City gay bar, secretly owned by Turk Oyz.
Flasher, theCriminal who anally raped an unconscious glowing alien; as a result his penis shines with a brilliant light. When he exposes himself, everyone looking is blinded. Secret identity Dick Whippet.
Flora BundyA florist, Bud Vase's main competition in the cut-throat world of flower arranging.
Flugel HorneIdentity assumed by Gideon Foolish as part of "Cap" Rick Horne's insurance fraud.
FocusCattle ranch owned by Brandon Cattle. It was originally owned by his father, who left it to him and his brother Russell. 'Focus' is where the sons raise meat.
Frank Lee Speakingan honest man
Frank FurterMeat packer at Beecher Meat Packing, he is also Jumbo Frank, elephant-headed avatar of the Hindu god Ganesh.
Franklin Stove
FunnBeryl O.
FurnitureJacob Ian, Lon, Patty O.


GardenBasil, Herb, Rock
Ganesh, GaneshaElephant-headed Hindu god. See Jumbo Frank.
GanymedeGrecian demi-god, lover of Zeus, crime-fighting alter-ego of Ben Dover. When Dover uses the correct incantation, Ganymede replaces him. Member of the Homo Heroes.
Gemini (1)Costumed identities of identical twin brothers Jimmy and Jeremy (Jemmy) Nye. They are telepathic with one another, and one can release his strength and speed, doubling the characteristics of the other. Jimmy is the dominant brother. Members of the Homo Heroes. Note: although they are identical twins, they were not born on the same day, in the same month, or in the same state. Jimmy was born on May 31st in Tucumcari, New Mexico, Jeremy on June 1st in Bay City, California, while their mother was aboard a train. Jimmy was coerced into being a member of Zodiac (1), but because of their peculiar birth situation, Jeremy was immune and was instrumental in assembling the Homo Heroes to stop the crime cartel. (Sidebar: in an upcoming issue, Jeremy will die while Jimmy is full-powered, and Jimmy will retain those powers. Or maybe vice versa.) They are also members of the Sue Doe Science Institute.
Gemini (2)Costumed criminal identity of Gemma Nye. She has the ability to split into two identical bodies, a la Duo Damsel. Will be a member of Zodiac (2).
Gemma NyeSecret identity of costumed criminal Gemini (2). Cousin of Jimmy and Jeremy Nye.
GennickCarson O.
Gideon FoolishNephew of Solomon Grimm.
Gil Breathera soldier from underwater Atlantis. He intended to attack a Bay City polluter with a troop of soldiers, but the pollution killed all of them but him. He was rescued by Justin Thyme and Pearl Diver, who cleaned him up and saved his life. He is reluctant to return to Atlantis, and so works for Thyme and Tide Marine Services as a diver. He was also coerced into becoming Pisces (1) for the first Zodiac crime cartel. He currently lives with Pearl Diver, although they have no sexual interaction.
Graham Cracker
Graham AiryA wizard working in Bay City. He is related to Jan U. Airy, although I'm not sure how. The Airy family tree is somewhat complicated. (Graham is based on Harry Dresden of Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files. Also, his first name is pronounced Gra'm ; 'gramarie' is an ancient word for magic.)
Great White HopeSee White Hope.
GreeneLon, Olive, Kelly, Lincoln. African-American family.
Gregory N. CallendarOwner of the Callendar Printing Company. Father of Julian, Marcia (Thyme) and May Ann.
GunnPop, Rae, Tommy


HandLinda, Pat
Hans HoffmanA German shepherd, works for Lindsey Woolsey. Currently lives with Kay Nine; once associated with Justin Thyme.
HartzAda, Asa, Nina
Haute TamaleMexican restaurant owned by Monty Zuma and Juan Moore Thyme.
HebeGreek cupbearer of the gods, replaced by Ganymede. Wife of Herakles.
Hedda CattleRanch girl, sister of Brandon and Russell.
Helena HandbasketGreen-skinned employee of Jacob Ian Furniture; with her lover Jack Straw she climbed out of a clock beneath his store.
Heidi HoSweet little Swiss girl, orphaned, lives with her uncle and guardian Ole Oladihu.
HeraJealous queen of the Greek Gods. She tricked Herakles into fighting Ganymede, with unexpected results. She also provided the amulet which changed Bull Pizzle into the Minotaur.
HeraklesOlympian demigod, he was once tricked into fighting Ganymede by Hera, jealous queen of the Gods. The battle was a draw; Herakles defeated Ganymede, but as a result Ganymede earned more mana, the life-force of the Gods. Married to Hebe. (On the cover he was referred to as 'Hercules'. Name recognition.)
Herb GardenSee Basil Garden.
HerculesRoman version of Herakles.
Hi (Hyram) ThymeFarmer, head of the Thyme Family, husband of Blossom, father of Moore and Lester.
HicksCy Burnett
High RoadThe eastbound highway north of Bay City. It goes to the little college town of Adventure, about 20 miles away; therefore in Bay City you take the High Road to Adventure.
High TechAn engineering school on High Road, producing top-flight engineers and scientists. Closely connect with the Cee-Krett Laboratory.
HoffJack, Miles, Buzz
Homer PhobicLout, secret identity of the Fag Basher. Brother of Arachne Phobic, although that was never revealed or germane.
Homo Heroes, theHeroic gay crime-fighting team consisting of Chicken Hawk, Ganymede, Gemini (1) and the Streak, with Junior Members Cock Robin and the Sparrow. Dr. India House is an honorary member of the team.
Homo HeroesA comic book I created featuring the (often pornographic) adventures of several gay heroes, costumed and otherwise. It was not originally an ensemble book, but featured two adventures per issue, one by each of the heroes or hero groups that later joined to become the Homo Heroes.
Honor BackProstitute photo
HoodRob N.
Hope LessThe least optimistic of the surviving Less sisters, Faith, Hope, Mercy and Ruth. See Sisters of Charity.
Horace Collarstable owner, father of Bertha
HorneFlugel, "Cap" Rick
Hot Springs MotelMotel with shady reputation and quick turn-over. Located on Low Road.
HouseIndia, Lisa, Porter, N.D., Selma. A fairly important Bay City family.
Hugh G. RexionNot really according to the rules, but I heard the name and had to have him.


India House (Dr.)Doctor, daughter of Dr. N. D. House and Selma. Lover of Justin Thyme. Head of operations at the Dr. N. D. House Memorial Clinic. Honorary member of the Homo Heroes, once rescued them using the costumed identity Fag Hag.
Little known fact: India's middle name is Summer. On her birth certificate she is India Summer House; if she marries Justin she will be India Summer Thyme.
Infra-RedA costumed villain using infra-red light. His secret identity is Ryan "Red" O'Bryan. His partner in crime is Ultra Violet (Maeve Taupe).
"Infrared imaging is used extensively for both military and civilian purposes. Military applications include target acquisition, surveillance, night vision, homing and tracking. Non-military uses include thermal efficiency analysis, remote temperature sensing, short-ranged wireless communication, spectroscopy, and weather forecasting. Infrared astronomy uses sensor-equipped telescopes to penetrate dusty regions of space, such as molecular clouds; detect cool objects such as planets, and to view highly red-shifted objects from the early days of the universe."
Innocent C. KrettSon of C. Krett and Iva Gotta See Krett, brother of Topsy. He is very naive, and has fallen in love with a French spy, Yves Dropper.
Iona Mercedeswealthy playgirl.
Iva Gotta SeeMaiden name of Iva See Krett
Iva See KrettFamous scientist, responsible with her husband C. Krett for founding the C. Krett Laboratory. She is the mother of Topsy and Innocent C. She and her husband were supposedly killed in a lab accident.
Ivan AwfulitchBrutopian spy who attempts to infiltrate the C. Krett Laboratory.
IzeSimon, Victor Timothy (Vic Tim), Violet


Jacob Ian FurnitureGay furniture dealer, attacked by the Fag Basher in a MWWG campaign. Although their rescue was less than perfect, Jacob awarded the MWWG with a sword reputed (correctly) to have belonged to the legendary Spanish hero Xavier. A later adventure would have led them to his underground lair, but it didn't happen.
Jack HoffA fisherman and lout, a member of the Master Baiters
Jack KnifeTeen-aged diver and Olympic hopeful. Was kidnapped by Trolls in Homo Heroes and an MWWG adventure. Son of Penn and Katjen.
Jack O. Diamondsbaseball player
Jack Strawavian control monitor for Bud Vase.
Jacqueline Hyde, Dr.Bay City's premiere mad scientist, responsible for the resurrection of Pete Moss and Electra Fide, possible creator of Barbie and Ken Dahl. Certainly not as young as she looks -- I wonder why.
James NyeSee Jimmy Nye.
Jan U. AirySecretary (administrative assistant) to Gregory N. Callendar of the Callendar Printing Company, and also a model. She has posed for some of the Callendar Company's calendars as Miss Jan U. Airy. She is the niece of missing scientist A. V. Airy, and gave Chicken Hawk the plans for his wings. It is suspected (correctly) that there may be a romantic liason between Airy and Callendar. She was the victim of an attempted murder plot foiled by Chicken Hawk.
Janet EveningSee Sam and Janet Evening.
Jason Reignbose
Jay ByrdWealthy playboy and philantropist, secretly powered crime-fighter the Streak. Gay lover of Titus A. Drumm.
Jeremy NyeStunt man and acrobat, identical twin brother of Jimmy Nye. Together they form the crime-fighting team Gemini (1). They are also members of the Sue Doe Science Institute.
Jerry Attricksdoctor, elderly, father of P.D. Attricks.
Jim LockerSportscaster
Jimmy NyeStunt man and acrobat, identical twin brother of Jeremy Nye. Real name James Nye. Together they form the crime-fighting team Gemini (1). They are also members of the Sue Doe Science Institute.
Joe Kerrcomedian, practical joker. In a relationship with Beryl O. Funn.
John LawPolice chief in Bay City. May be corrupt.
Johnny MoppJanitor, one of the Trolls.
Juan Moore ThymeSon of Moore Thyme during an affair with a Mexican woman while on a consultant job in Mexico. Moore never knew he had a Mexican son until Juan came to Bay City with his lover Monty Zuma. When Juan's parentage was discovered, Moore acknowledged him as his son and he is considered a member of the Thyme family. Marcia Thyme was not too pleased to find that her husband had had an extra-marital affair, but by the time it was discovered it was definitely old business.
Juan WayAn early nineteenth century Spanish aristocrat and hacienda owner, responsible for the incorporation of Bay City under its original name of Escondido. He was a philanthropist and social worker, although he had a reputation for dandyism. It is suspected but not proven that he was the secret identity of the hero Xavier.
Juan Way StreetA side street in Bay City, on which are found many churches. Named for Bay City's founder, Juan Way.
Jude Ohmartial arts instructor.
Jude S. PriestMinister, member of the Bay City League of Decency
Judge MentalA costumed criminal about whom very little is known. He is insane, and he probably 'judges' people, punishing what he considers crime or evil. (He is not Solomon Grimm.)
Julian CallendarExecutive, son of Gregory N. Callendar, junior vice president and heir to the Callendar Publishing Company. Gay, but father by an unidentified woman of Cort Callendar.
Julian FrizeChef
Jumbo FrankElephant-headed identity of Frank Furter. He is an avatar of the god Ganesh. Will oppose the Homo Heroes, but it will be ambiguous whether he is hero or villain.
June BrideBridal consultant. In another reality, actress, wife of D. August Moon, star of My Big Fat Victorian Wedding.
Justin ThymeThe main character in Bay City. He is a marine salvage expert, partner with Rip Tide in the Thyme and Tide Marine Services Company. Son of Moore and Marcia Thyme, brother of Mark Thyme and Wendy Thyme Kombs. Bisexual, lover of Dr. India House, ex-lover of Bud Vase and Stu Ward, among others. Once used the costumed identity of the Fellow Traveler to rescue the Homo Heroes. photo


KaneMarco, Sugar
Kay NineA policeman, working in the K-9 unit. He works with a German shepherd, Center. They have a telepathic link, to such an extent that the dog has become a super-hero, Alpha Dog. Kay's brother Leo is a were-lion and super-villain (Leo). Son of Asa and Bea. He lives with his lover, Hans Hoffman, who is also a German shepherd.
Karen FeedingNurse, or maybe veterinarian.
Katjen KnifeDutch immigrant, wife of Penn and mother of Jack.
Kelly Greeneteen-ager, daughter of Lon and Olive, sister of Lincoln.
Ken DahlHusband of Barbie Dahl. Perfect in every way. Lived in the same apartment complex as many of the MWWG. Intended to be revealed as an android in a later adventure that didn't happen. (I also suggested this name to Jean Akins as a name for her Ken (r) doll.)
Kerry Bluehusband of Lavender
KnifeJack, Katjen, Penn
Kerry Bluehusband of Lavender
Kidd RockAn outcropping at the entrance of Escondido Bay, a danger to shipping. There is a warning marking there, the Kidd Buoy.
Kombs Didi (Diana), Sherlaw, Thierry, Wendy (Thyme).
KrettC., Innocent C., Iva (Gotta) See, Topsy
KummsC. Howie


Lana GoshenElderly lady, member of the Bay City League of Decency
LandScott, Wanda
Laura MercyMother of Angela Mercy. Member of the Bay City League of Decency.
League of Decency See Bay City League of Decency.
Lee BrunVery nice blind man who was coerced into performing the role of Libra (1) for the first iteration of Zodiac.
LeoLycanthrope, were-lion member of crime cartels Zodiac (1) and (2).
Leo NineLycanthrope, were-lion, using the criminal identity of Leo. A member of Zodiac (1) and Zodiac (2). Son of Asa and Bea, brother of policeman Kay.
Les Thyme, Fatherson of Hi and Blossom Thyme, brother of Moore, real name Lester. He is a Catholic priest, very strict. Known as both Father Thyme and Father Les.
Libra (1)A blind man (Lee Brun) with the power to cause dizziness and vertigo in others (i.e., loss of balance; get it?) He was coerced into joining Zodiac (1). He is not a true villain, and he has not joined Zodiac (2).
LessCharity, Faith, Hope, Mercy, Ruth
Lil DarlinA midget actress. She was featured in the movie Witch Queen of Oz, but was not one of the villainous midgets. She continues to live in Bay City. She has a romantic interest in fellow midget Bingo Card.
Lil Oladihu Dydpore / GotbuxAn elderly lady, recently deceased, in MMWG. She inspired a time-traveling adventure which resulted in her last name change posthumously.
Lily Oladihucountry-western singer
Lily WhiteWife of Bob White, aunt of Sam Quentin Quayle. She is unfaithful to Bob with Al Bino (the Great White Hope) and was the first costumed White Rabbit.
Lincoln Greene Son of Lon and Olive, brother of Kelly. Lover of Sam Quentin Quayle and Perry Grinn, alter-ego of flying hero Cock Robin.
Linda HandVery self-sufficient little girl. Daughter of Pat Hand, ward of Avery Richman. Constantly having adventures.
Lindsey WoolseyA sheep-rancher, employer of Hans Hoffman. (Note: I think Lindsey Woolsey comes from Auntie Mame.
LingBeau, Carol, May Ling Permit, also Beau Ling Ball. Oriental family.
LionDan D.
Lisa HouseTeen-ager, daughter of Dr. N.D. House and Selma, sister of Dr. India House.
Lois LaneA side street in Bay City.
Lon FurnitureWith his wife Patty O., he owns the Outdoor Furniture Company.
Lon GreeneOwner of a landscaping company. Husband of Olive, father of Kelly and Lincoln.
Loren OrderPolice Officer. An honest copy, gay.
LottCara, Erna, Mona, Owen A.
Low RoadThe eastbound road south of Bay City. It goes through the mud flats and less desirable neighborhoods, and terminates at the Nessun Dorma Cemetary. ("Taking the low road" means dying. "Nessun Dorma " means 'nobody sleeps'.)
Luke WarmWaiter


M W W GAn FRPG campaign set in Bay City that I ran loosely based on the rules for Macho Women With Guns and its supplements Renegade Nuns on Wheels and Batwinged Bimbos from Hell. (RNOW billed itself as "the tackiest game since they threw dice for Christ's clothes.")
Maeve TaupeA secretary at the C. Krett Laboratory, administrative assistant to (?). Her secret criminal identity is Ultra Violet. She has a romantic relationship with her co-criminal Infra Red (Ryan O'Bryan).
Many HandsAmerican Indian electrician. (This joke comes from Spider Robinson's Lady Slings the Blues: Many Hands make light work.
Marcia D. Callendarmaiden name of Marcia Thyme
Marcia ThymeBusiness executive, former socialite, homemaker. The former Marcia D. Callendar, daughter of Gregory N., sister of Julian and May Ann; wife of Moore Thyme, mother of Justin, Mark and Wendy (Kombs).
Marco KaneAssassin and gun-runner, owns a weapons shop in Bay City. Although a cold-blooded killer, in MWWG he supplied the characters with a wide variety of weapons and helped them with several adventures. He is short but deadly, and uses the female identity Mercy Killer to get close to some of his victims.
Marcus RegistradaA vampire, alive since the time of ancient Rome. May have been involved with the crucifixion in a bad way, as in the winner of the dice game for Christ's clothes.
Marian Hastedivorcee
Mark Thyme, MajorMajor in the US Army, on secret detached duty as security chief of C. Krett Laboratories. Son of Moore and Marcia, brother of Justin and Wendy (Kombs), husband of Spring.
Marshall Artsunarmed combat specialist, actually the secret identity (in Bay City) of the Greek god of War, Ares.
Mary Annette, Sisternun, member of the Sisters of the Holy Crusaders. Has the power to force people to move to her command, although not to control minds.
Mary Mayhem, MotherMother Superior of the Sisters of the Holy Crusaders.
Master BaitersA fishing club consisting of Jack Hoff, Rod Stroker, C. Howie Kumms. Although a terrible idea, they were instrumental in an adventure with the Streak and Captain Phil Uranus.
May Ann Callendaraging socialite, daughter of Gregory N., sister of Julian and Marcia.
May Ling PermitPostal worker. Sister of Beau and Carol Ling, returned to Bay City after divorce from Mr. Permit (first name not known).
MercyAngela, Angelo, Laura
Mercy KillerFemale identity used by assassin Marco Kane.
Mercy LessA member of the Sisters of Charity, she was greatly affected by the death of her sister Charity. As a result she has become completely savage and cruel in punishing murderers. She is associated with private detective Shirley Goodness.
Merle Inn???
Merry Deer, theShip on which Justin Thyme worked, blown up by Captain Rick Horne in an insurance scam.
MicrobeA villain who can reduce himself to tiny, even microscopic size. Secret identity Mike Robe.
Mike Frightnews anchor
Mike Robescientist, biologist, and the secret identity of shrinking villain Microbe.
Miles HoffA traveling man
Minotaur, theHomophobic creep Bull Pizzle, given powers by the Greek goddess Hera to defeat Ganymede. She gave him an amulet that changed him into the Minotaur of Greek Legend. Ganymede was unable to defeat him, but a number of his friends combined to lure the Minotaur into a trap, and Ganymede took the amulet and threw it into the sea. It was retrieved by the secret backer of Zodiac (1), and used to give Pizzle the identity of Taurus.
Miranda RightsPolice Officer, sister of Sybil. An honest cop, and possibly Lesbian.
Mister BlueCostumed gang leader identity of Turk Oyz.
Mona LottUnemployed, unfaithful wife of Owen A. Lott. Whiner, she has nagged Owen into becoming an embezzler.
MontezumaA Mexican hero with the power to cause sudden and explosive diarrhea. He originally protected ancient artifacts in his homeland with the help of the Streak. His power is referred to as Montezuma's Revenge. His other identity is Monty Zuma.
Monty ZumaMexican immigrant with the ability to cause sudden and explosive diarrhea. Protected ancient artifacts in his homeland with the help of the Streak before coming to Bay City and opening a Mexican Restaurant, Haute Tamale, with his lover Juan Moore Thyme. He originally used the name Montezuma.
Moore ThymeMotion study, time management and efficiency expert, owner of Moore Thyme, Inc. Son of Hi and Blossom, brother of Lester, husband of Marcia, father of Justin, Mark and Wendy (Kombs).
Moore Thyme, Inc.Consulting company owned by Moore Thyme.
Morey ArtyCriminal mastermind, arch-enemy of Sherlaw Kombs
MorfukinDarrell B.
Morfukin MidgetsA group of midgets assembled for the filming of the epic movie Witch Queen of Oz. Many of them turned out to be tools of terrorist Mustafa Scruluce. They appeared in a Homo Heroes episode and an MMWG scenario, and were responsible for the origin of the Brown Recluse.
MorganaA sorceress of some sort, "living" in the Nessun Dorma Cemetery, communicating with the world through Doug Graves. Note: Her full name is Fata Morgana, which means "Illusion". The name replaces "Allison DeKay".
Mort TitianFuneral Director, husband of Paula
MossPete, Rose
Mustafa ScruluceArab terrorist, responsible for the attack that crippled Ben Dover. He also appeared in two or three of the MWWG campaigns, including the one featuring the Morfukin Midgets and the Brown Recluse.


N. D. House, Dr.Physician, deceased. Created the clinic now known as the Dr. N.D. House Memorial Clinic. He was born in India, where his name was Narendrasingh Dharmabhiksham. When he married Selma House, she asked to keep her maiden name, and Dr. D. surprised her by adopting her name, since Dharmabhiksham was proving a liability in his profession. Husband of Selma, father of India and Lisa.
N. T. Quarian (Prof)Archeology and ancient history professor at Adventure College. He lead the expedition during which Ben Dover was crippled and acquired the identity of Ganymede. Father of Anna Quarian.
Narendrasingh DharmabhikshamSee N. D. House, Dr..
Nessun Dorma CemetaryCemetery at the end of Low Road. Home of Fata Morgana. "Nessun Dorma" means "Nobody sleeps." Scene of a MMWG episode.
Nicco TeenTeen-ager, trouble-maker. Son of Benedict and Phyllis.
Nick L. BaggBay City's friendly neighborhood drug dealer.
Nina HartzDealer at her brother's casino, sister of Asa and Ada. Lover of Pat Hand. Pronounced 'NIGH-na'
NineAsa, Bea, Kay, Leo
Noah Countbum
NyeGemma, Jeremy, Jimmy.


O'BryanRyan ("Red")
O'JustusTravis T.
OladihuLily, Ole, Lil Oladihu Dydpore/Gotbux
Ole Oladihushepherd, yodeler. Guardian of his sister's daughter Heidi Ho.
Olive GreeneHomemaker, wife of Lon, mother of Lincoln and Kelly.
OlogyArchie, Phil
Otto PilatePilot
Our Lady of Perpetual MotionCatholic cathedral, served by Father (Les) Thyme and Father (Scott) Land.
Owen A. LottBank teller, husband of Mona and nephew of Erna. Got his job through Erna's influence. Is embezzling to keep Mona happy.
Oyz Turk


P. D. Attrickspediatrician, son of Jerry Attricks.
Pat HandProfessional gambler, not very successful. Father of Linda Hand, lover of Nina Hartz.
Patty O. FurnitureWith her husband Lon, she owns the Outdoor Furniture Company.
Paul BearerFuneral Director, works for Mort Titian.
Paula TitianMayor of Bay City, wife of Mort
Pearl DiverUnderwater salvage expert employed by Thyme and Tide Marine Services. A Lesbian, she has enjoyed an affair with Virginia Creeper. She currently lives with Gil Breather, although their relationship is not sexual.
Penn KnifeHardware dealer, husband of Katjen, father of Jack.
Penny BrightSmart child
Penny DreadfulMystery and horror writer, saved by the MWWG in a problem with a giant spider.
PermitMay Ling
Perry GrinnLawyer, of very short stature. The secret identity of winged hero Chicken Hawk. Gay, with a penchant for young (but of legal age) men such as Sam Quentin Quayle, Lincoln Greene, and formerly (and still occasionally) Cort Callendar. He was scoutmaster of the Circle Jerks in a MWWG episode.
Pete MossGardener, employed by Lon Greene. Husband of Rosie Cheeks. Killed in an accident, his body was stolen by Jacqueline Hyde and resurrected.
Phil Actic (Pro)Petty criminal who stole the controlling device for a group of rubberized robots who became known as the Rubber Band. After stealing the device, Phil referred to himself as "Pro" Phil Actic.
Phil OlogyEnglish professor and word-master at Adventure College. Brother of Archie.
Phil Uranus (Capt.)Intergalactic officer. He contacted the Sue Doe Science Institute with a problem, and rewarded them for their successful efforts. He also appeared in a similar MWWG episode. A member of the Confederation Universal Marine Corps.
PhobicArachne, Homer
Phyllis TeenHomemaker, would-be civic leader. Wife of Benedict, mother of Nicco.
Pink WitchMystic enchantress with pink hair. Her status as heroine or villainess is unclear. She has her own agenda.
PiscesUnderwater member of Zodiac (1). Secret identity Gil Breather, an army officer from Atlantis, who is also known as Aqua-Marine. He was coerced into serving Zodiac (1), and is not a member of Zodiac (2).
PlotinSasha Lotoff
Pop GunnElderly security guard, father of Tommy and Rae. He was killed in the first MWWG adventure when a MWWG shot "through" him when he didn't get out of the way fast enough. His death was used to put some binders on the activities of the game.
Poppy SeedVictorian maiden pulled through time with her sister Annis. Poppy is having trouble relating to the world of today.
Porter HouseButcher at the Beecher Meat company. He is the brother of Selma House, but this relationship is seldom acknowledged. He is bigoted about Selma's marrying Indian doctor N. D. House.
PriestJude S.
"Pro" Phil ActicSee Phil Actic.

QuarianAnna, N.T.
QuayleSam Quentin
Queen of HeartsRegina DeCour. Her part in the Bay City story has not been clarified yet.


Rae GunnScience fiction writer. (It could have been Ray Gunn; I chose to go with Rae). Daughter of Pop, sister of Tommy.
Randy StuddOver-sexed door-to-door salesman and seducer of women, including Mona Lott. He also enjoys anonymous encounters with men. He purchased a satyr-headed ring that changed him into the lustful and irresistable rapist the Satyr. He was defeated by Ganymede. He was actually a reluctant victim, and has to perform a demeaning service to keep the Satyr personality from reemerging. He was later recruited for Zodiac (1) as Capricorn. He is not at present a member of Zodiac (2).
Red O'Bryansee Ryan O'Bryan.
Regina DeCourThe Queen of Hearts
Remington ArmsUpscale apartment building, home of Mark and Spring Thyme, Marco Kane
"retcon""retroactive continuity" -- to go back to an existing story and change some facts to better fit current information. See A. P. Airy. C. Howie Cumms,
RexionHugh G.
Rhoda BoatFisherman.
Rhoda DendronFlorist, Flora Bundy's assistant and lover.
Rick HorneSee "Cap" Rick Horne
RightsMiranda, Sybil
Rip CordPilot, parachutist
Rip TideMarine salvage expert, son of Eb Tide. Partner with Justin Thyme in Thyme and Tide Marine Services. Mysteriously missing.
Rita Book Librarian.
Rob N. Hood (Father)Young Catholic priest. Confessor of the Sisters of the Holy Crusaders. Gay. Probably has a secret identity; I'll get back to you.
Rock GardenHandsome leading man endangered by midgets during the production of Witch Queen of Oz. Rock is the son of missing actor Basil Garden, but does not know that his father is the costumed hero / villain the Brown Recluse.
Rod StrokerA fisherman and lout, a member of the Master Baiters
Roger A. ShepherdHomosexual sheep ranch owner, often accused of stemming the rose. Employer of Ole Oladihu and Hans Hoff. He was also Aries in Zodiac (1), and may reprise the role in Zodiac (2).
Rose Mosswife of Pete. See Rosie Cheeks
Rosie CheeksTelevision personality,
Rubber BandA group of rubberized robots who opposed the MWWG, and also the Hero Trip campaign. Controlled by Phil Actic, who bragged about being a pro. They looked like Greek warriors -- Trojans, in fact. (In the MWWG campaign they looked like Marvin Martian.)
Russell CattleNe'er-do-well brother of Brandon and Hedda Cattle, involved with a daring but unsuccessful cattle robbery.
Ruth LessLeader of the Sisters of Charity, a woman who will stop at nothing to avenge murder.
Ryan O'Bryan ("Red")Irish scientist working at the C. Krett Laboratory. He made some incredible breakthroughs in the power of light, and adopted the secret identity of Infra-Red, and gave his girlfriend Maeve Taupe the identity of Ultra-Violet.


SagittariusArcher, criminal member of Zodiac (1) and (2), also works under the name the White Hunter. Secret identity Dwight Hunter.
Sam and Janet EveningMarried couple, duet singers.
Sam Quentin QuayleHigh school senior, orphan, gay, lover of Perry Grinn and Lincoln Greene. Lives with his uncle Bob White and his wife Lily. Secretly winged hero the Sparrow. He was kidnapped by "trolls" in a MWWG episode, which was also a Chicken Hawk adventure in Homo Heroes.
Sarah NadeA singer
Sasha Lotoff PlotinRussian (Brutopian) immigrant, confidence man
ScarecrowIs he hero or villain? I don't know. His body is made of straw. He's afraid of fire.
ScorpioCostumed criminal coerced into joining Zodiac (1). However, she found that she enjoyed it, and has worked with Cancer to form a second group. Zodiac (2). Her power comes from her use of a powerful whip. Her secret identity is Ann Tarries.
SeedAnnis, Poppy
Selma BoddyProstitute
Selma HouseRealtor, widow of Dr. N.D. House, mother of (Dr.) India and Lisa.
ShepherdRoger A.
Sherlaw KombsWorld famous British detective of the Victorian Age. He is connected to Bay City through his great-grandson, Thierry Kombs.
Shield MaidenSuper-strong and invulnerable super-heroine with a morbid interest in sorting through dying men to identify heroes.
Shirley GoodnessPrivate detective, lover and associate of Mercy Less. (Shirley Goodness and Mercy will follow me all the days of my life.)
Shocking PinkCostumed criminal who first used electricity and later a troop of trained killer flamingos to commit her robberies in an MWWG episode. She was the first villain defeated by Chicken Hawk. Her secret identity is Electra Fide.
There is a possibility that Shocking Pink is deceased. See entry under Electra Fide.
Side Streetstreet in Bay City
Sirius ConditionWeird, not-quite sane sorcerer. Definitely on the villain side of the chart, although nothing has been proven. Has a romantic relationship with Annis Seed.
Sisters of CharityThe four Less sisters, Faith, Hope, Mercy and Ruth. After the murder of their sister Charity, they formed a 'vengeance squad' which investigates and punishes murderers.
Sisters of the Holy Crusaders'Catholic' organization of nuns, actually mercenary / protective organization. Members include Mother Mary Mayhem, Sister Mary Annette, and Sister Claire Annette. Maybe Sister Angela Mercy.
Solomon GrimmJudge. Strict and honest. Uncle of Gideon Foolish.
Sonny DayFather of Spring (Day) Thyme, brother of Bertha Day Suit.
Sparrow, theCrime-fighting costumed identity of Sam Quentin Quayle. Uses mechanical wings to fly; wings have a disadvantage -- they will not carry over 200 pounds. Youthful partner of Chicken Hawk and Cock Robin, junior member of the Homo Heroes.
SpeakingFrank Lee
Spring DayMaiden name of Spring Thyme.
Spring ThymeGrade school teacher, daughter of Sonny Day, wife of Mark Thyme.
Streak, theCrime-fighting identity of Jay Byrd. When he utilizes his power, he becomes super-fast, with the ability to fly; unfortunately this burns off any clothing he has tried to wear, so he must fight crime naked. His body is red-hot, and heat shimmers surround him, protecting his identity if not his modesty. Because of the intense friction (that he is immune to), he cannot carry anything while he is powered. Member of the Homo Heroes.
Stu WardFlight attendant
Sue DoeA confidence woman who accidentally went straight. She had the idea of preying upon a group of people who thought they had amazing mental powers, and invited them to the first meeting of the Sue Doe Science Institute. Strangely, however, the group actually did have amazing mental powers, and were contacted by Captain Phil Uranus to help him with a galactic emergency. When their adventure was over, the group was rewarded with an amazing bounty by Captain Uranus, and turned the institution into an actual thriving business with Sue at the head. She is now a legitimate businesswoman operating a mental "heroes for hire" business. Among the members of the institute are Chrystal Ball, Will Power, Jeremy and Jimmy Nye, and others. Zoe D. Ack was also a member of the original group, and used information she gathered there to attempt to enslave the Gemini brothers.
Sue Doe Science InstituteSee Sue Doe.
Sugar KaneConfectioner, candy maker. She is the sister of weapons dealer Marco Kane, but they are estranged and she never speaks of or to him.
SuitBertha (Day)
SunburnSee Titus A. Drumm.
Supreme CourtA residential cul-de-sac in Bay City. Solomon Grimm, among others, lives there.
Sybil RightsPublic defender, liberal lawyer, sister of Miranda


TaurusBull-headed and strong member of Zodiac (1), actually homophobe Bull Pizzle, originally The Minotaur. Pizzle has not regretted his membership in Zodiac, and has been recruited for Zodiac (2).
Teahouse of D. August MoonDinner theater
TeenBenedict, Nicco, Phyllis
Teenie Weenie Airlines (TWA)Bay City's chief air carrier, piloted by Otto Pilate and Don Patrol, with cabin attendant Stu Ward.
Theo Cratfundamentalist minister, religious politician
Thierry KombsPrivate detective, husband of Wendy Thyme Kombs, father of Didi. Great-grandson of famous detective Sherlaw Kombs.
ThymeBlossom, Hi, Juane Moore, Justin, Lester, Marcia, Mark, Moore, Spring, Wendy Thyme Kombs. Extremely important Bay City family.
Thyme and Tide Marine ServicesPartnership of Justin Thyme and Rip Tide, they search for sunken treasure in the Pacific outside Bay City. They also charter excursions, but they are extremely punctual: Thyme and Tide Wait for No Man.
Thyme Travel AgencyTravel agency owned by Wendy Thyme Kombs, responsible for some strange trips indeed.
TideEb, Rip
Tim BerwulfForest ranger and part-time lycanthrope. He had an adventure with the MMWG, impregnatede one of them, and was then killed. They had to seek revenge.
TitianMort, Paula
Titus A. DrummLover of Jay Byrd. Blinded by the meteor which gave Jay the powers of the Streak, he also has those powers but cannot use them because of his blindness. (Sidebar: in a future issue he will be able to use his powers temporarily to aid the Homo Heroes, and will be made an honorary member under the name Sunburn.
Tommy GunnHoodlum, also clerk at Marco Caine's armory.
Topsy KrettCEO of the C. Krett Laboratory, and a noted scientist herself. She is the daughter of scientists C. Krett and Iva See Krett, and big sister of Innocent C.
Travis T. O'JustusDistrict Attorney. Buyable.
Traylor CourtA cul-de-sac in Bay City.
TrojansSee Rubber Band.
Trolls, theA group of somewhat ugly men who had the idea of kidnapping young men from a gymnasium shower room and abusing them sexually. They were opposed by Chicken Hawk in Homo Heroes and by the MWWG.
Turk OyzJeweler, secretly owner of the Flaming'O nightclub, secretly gang leader Mr. Blue. Lover of Ben Dover.
TWASee Teenie Weenie Airlines.


Ultra-VioletA costumed villain using ultra-violet light. Secret identity Maeve Taupe. Lover and partner in crime of Infra-Red.
"Most humans are aware of the effects of UV through the painful condition of sunburn. The UV spectrum has many other effects, including both beneficial and damaging changes to human health..." Healthy: Vitamin D.
(Sidebar: I also used the name 'Ultra-Violet' as a code name for Shrinking Violet of the Legion of Super-Heroes in a story I wrote in which she gained incredible powers and became a villainess.)
Urban BlightAide to Carson O. Gennick.


Val KyrieSecret identity of Shield Maiden.
Vic TimmThe name of several young men who have been killed or otherwise injured by crimes in Bay City.
Victor Timothy (Vic Tim) IzeNaive young man, son of Simon and nephew of actress Violet Ize. He is constantly being duped by confidence men and other scoundrels who attempt to extort money from his aunt.
Violet IzeAging but still beautiful movie actress, endangered by midgets while working on the movie Witch Queen of Oz.
Virginia CreeperSecret identity of powered criminal Virgo.
VirgoCostumed criminal with the ability to create impenetrable mental shields. Her secret identity is Virginia Creeper. Originally a foe of Chicken Hawk. She once worked with the Homo Heroes to save Antiope, Queen of the Amazons.
Voivode DoodatTransylvanian vampire. ('Voivode' is pronounced 'Y-wood-ee', and means 'a leader'.)


W.H.I.T.E. Villainous white supremacist organization destroyed by Chicken Hawk and the boys. Its leader was the White Hope (Al Bino), assisted by White Lightning, White Noise, and the White Hunter, with the White Rabbit (1) as 'moll'. I can't remember what the acronym stands for.
Walter WallCarpet salesman
Walter Wall Carpetingrug company owned by Walter Wall.
Wanda GoodtimeParty girl
Wanda LandYoung girl with long blonde hair and a blue dress. Origin unknown, simply appeared one day. A source of strange "illogical" events.
Wendy Thyme KombsTravel agent, owner of Thyme Travel Agency. Daughter of Moore and Marcia Thyme, sister of Justin and Mark, wife of Thierry Kombs, mother of Didi.
WhatsnewDr. A
WhiteBob, Lily
WHITESee W.H.I.T.E at the beginning of this section.
White Hope, theLeader of a racist organization called W.H.I.T.E. (I don't remember what the acronym stands for.) Secret identity Al Bino.
White Hunter, theCostumed criminal, uses marksmanship with rifle and bow. Secretly Dwight Hunter. Also operated as Sagittarius in Zodiac (1) and was a member of W.H.I.T.E.
White LighntingAn electricity-using super-villain associated with W.H.I.T.E. Secret identity unknown.
White NoiseA sonic super-villain associated with W.H.I.T.E. Secret identity unknown.
White Rabbit (1)Member of criminal white supremacist organization W.H.I.T.E., and mistress of its leader, the White Hope. No power; used a gun. Real name Lily White, wife of Bob White and aunt of Sam Quentin Quayle.
White Rabbit (2)Costumed villain, real name Bunny Pellits. Has not appeared yet.
Will PowerAmazing mentalist with the ability to levitate massive objects. He is also immune to mental control. He is a member of the Sue Doe Science Institute.
Witch Queen of OzA new entry in the chronicles of Oz, this was a movie starring, among others, Rock Garden, Violet Ize, Bingo Card, Lil Darlin, and a host of other midgets, many of whom, under the leadership of Mustafa Scruluce, intended to kidnap the lead actors.
Wok InnChinese restaurant in Bay City.


XavierAn early nineteenth century hero who carved his mark: X, the mark of Xavier; in his opponents with his amazing sword. There is suspicion that he may have been Juan Way, an aristrocratic Spaniard. His sword was important in a MWWG campaign. A later adventure would have led them to his underground lair.


Yellow Peril, the Secret identity Yuri Nalisis.
Yuri NallisisA lab technician of Russian-Mongolian extraction. He appeared as a supporting character in MWWG. I have vague plans for him to assume the identity of the Yellow Peril.
Yves DropperFrench spy, involved with Innocent C. Krett.

Zodiac (1)Costumed crime cartel organized by Zoe D. Ack, although she does not seem to actually have been the mastermind behind it. She used information about birth-signs and locations to mind-control twelve powerful individuals, but was defeated because she assumed that the Gemini twins were born on the same day and in the same place. Zodiac (1) was based on the astrological zodiac, and consisted of Aries, Aquarius (1), Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini (1), Leo, Libra (1), Pisces (1), Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo. Opposed by the Homo Heroes in their first group appearance.
Zodiac (2)Costumed crime cartel created after the defeat of Zodiac (1). Apparently organized by Cancer and Scorpio. Based on the astrological zodiac, it consists of Aries, Cancer, Gemini (2), Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo. It is still seeking members to complete the roster. Opposed by the Homo Heroes. Note: Zodiac (2) has not actually appeared yet; it is still in the planning stages.
Zoe D Ack Astrologer, original creator and apparently mastermind of the first iteration of the Zodiac crime cartel. She was able to control the minds of her victims using astrological information. She was also a member of the Sue Doe Science Institute. First appeared in a solo Gemini adventure in Homo Heroes which was the set-up for the creation of the Homo Heroes.