On this web-page and the following ones I am going to try to place photographs of all my 1/6 scale dolls. This is a big undertaking; there are over 300 of them as of 12/01/2008. (This number has been adjusted, as the result of a census in which I tried to lay eyes on each doll. Dolls that I could not find, or that I could not recognize from the description, or that I simply did not care to keep any longer (broken ones, for example) were dropped.)

The numbers represent auto-assigned numbers that I use to try to keep the dear things straight. I did not start numbering with the first doll I ever bought; doll # 1 was just the first one I wrote down when I started this. The actual first 1/6 dolls I bought were numbers 007-010 and 020, the faux-Cinderella set I bought at C.O.M.B. in 1984. Because the numbers are auto-assigned by Microsoft-Access, I want to reuse them rather than delete them.

Some of the information herein was originally incorrect, or just guesswork, and a nice collector named Omar helped identify them. Thanks, O!

As you will see, shoes are a big problem to me. I am trying to develop methodologies for handling them, so that they do not remain attached to the doll and get lost, or so that they will stay attached to the doll. I have a few dolls on which the shoes have been melted (but not by me) to hold them in place.

Abbreviations: BTVS = Buffy the Vampire Slayer. NKOTB = New Kids on the Block

001 The Wizard of Oz
002 Sergio Valente Model

Justin Thyme
003 Ilya Kuriakin

The Man from UNCLE
004 Napoleon Solo

The Man from UNCLE
005 Michael Jackson

006 COBRA Commander

G.I. Joe
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007 Cinderella

Disney's Cinderella
008 Prince Charming

Disney's Cinderella
009 Anastasia

Disney's Cinderella
010 Drizella

Disney's Cinderella
011 Lady Tremaine

Disney's Cinderella
012 Maleficent

Disney's Sleeping Beauty
013 Grimhilde, the wicked queen

Disney's Snow White
014 The Beast / Prince
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
015 Brandon

Beverly Hills 90210
016 Donnie Osmond

017 Marie Osmond

018 Dorothy Hamill

019 Ugly Witch from Snow White
020 Cinderella's Fairy Godmother
021 Wicked Witch of the West

Wizard of Oz
022 Wrangler Jeans

023 V - the Visitor

V - the Visitor
024 Blackbeard

025 Capt. Jack Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean
026 Captain Hook

Disney's Peter Pan
027 Big Bad Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood
028 Little Red Riding Hood
029 Little Red Riding Hood's Grandmother
030 Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones
031 Drag Queen Doll

032 Alucard, the Son of Dracula
033 Ape from Planet of the Apes
034 Liam (Angel/ Angelus from BTVS)
035 Ash (Ashley Williams)

Army of Darkness
stock photo--
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036 Mary Poppins

037 Alice (Liddell)

Alice in Wonderland
038 Viking Princess Barbie
039 Duncan McLeod

Highlander (TV)
040 Harley Davidson Ken # 2
041 Barbie Olympics Ribbon Dancer
042 Steve Scout

043 cub scout

044 Jordan
045 Barbie, blond hair, pink & purple
046 Donny
047 Danny
048 Jonathan
049 AA Grandmother

050 Joe
051 Subway Spike

052 Xander Harris

053 Artemis
054 Jordache model
055 Pee-Wee Herman
056 Earring Magic Ken
057 Ken in sailor suit

058 Czar Nicholas

059 Prince Aidan and Shiver

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
060 Snow White's Prince
061 Stephen

062 Ken - safari outfit

063 Ken - hunter

064 Ken - shorts, paisley vest
065 Ken - blonde, right, preppy
066 Dennis Rodman

067 Derek

068 DiD, brown hair, beard
069 Dylan

Beverly Hills 90210
070 $ Store, blown, R&R paisley
071 Ken, blonde, denim
072 Ken in "Ice Cream Suit"
073 $ Store, blown, black hair
074 Allan in cowboy outfit
075 Davy Crockett

076 Ken, Fashion Fever
077 Kevin

078 Master Billy

079 Poison Ivy

080 Luke Skywalker

081 Catwoman

Catwoman starring Halle Berry
082 Jaq (mouse)

Disney's Cinderella
083 Gus-Gus (mouse)

Disney's Cinderella
084 Prince Eric

Disney's The Little Mermaid
085 Prince Phillip

Disney's Sleeping Beauty
086 Doc

Disney's Snow White
087 doll broken, reuse number 088 Lou Holtz (Razorbacks football coach)
089 Ben Casey

090 Action Man

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091 Costume Ball Ken
092 Phoebus

Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
093 Elizabeth Taylor

094 Elvis Presley

095 Barbie, platinum braid
096 Barbie Rapunzel

Children's Collector Series
097 Hickham Field (Pearl Harbor)

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098 Snow White

099 Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Disney's Little Mermaid
100 Barbie, brocade dress
101 Barbie, blond, tan
102 Wrangler jeans model, female
103 Henry Higgins

My Fair Lady
104 Barbie with wigs in cat costume

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105 Miko
106 Barbie Hallo-
ween Enchantress
107 Barbie blond, pink skirt lace blouse
108 monkey, winged (no wings)

Wizard of Oz
109 DiD, short brown hair
110 Roman Xena

Xena, Warrior Princess
111 Warlord Xena

Xena, Warrior Princess
112 Amazon Warrior Gabrielle

Xena, Warrior Princess
113 Ares: the Deliverer

Xena, Warrior Princess
114 Barbie, platinum, pink earrings, ring
115 Power Team police Officer
116 serious, bearded, painted body

Green/black body changed
117 Teresa and Mika

118 an Olsen twin

119 Ares in box

Xena, Warrior Princess
120 Disney Tarzan long hair

Disney's Tarzan
121 Japanese Zero Pilot
122 Dr. Barbie with 3 babies

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123 Ilya Kuriakin # 2

124 Barbie, platinum, pony tail
125 Aladdin in rags

126 Trailwalker with Donkey
127 Happy Family grandfather
128 red hair, wealthy outfit
129 Barbie, original, long brown hair
130 Indian Boy (N.A.)
131 Buck Rogers, Mego
132 Sneezy

133 Sleepy

134 Tommy as Gingerbread Boy

The Nutcracker
135 Tommy as Major Mint

The Nutcracker
136 Kelly as Peppermint Girl

The Nutcracker
137 Kelly as Lullaby League Munchkin

The Wizard of Oz
138 Tommy as Lollipop Munchkin
The Wizard of Oz
139 Tommy as Mayor Munchkin

The Wizard of Oz
140 Brave Knight Garrett

The Quest for Camelot
141 Hercules

Disney's Hercules
142 Megara

Disney's Hercules
143 COBRA Soldier in White
144 Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham)
145 fly white guy

Flavas' Liam
146 Barbie-like, blue earrings, flower in hair 147 Ken, rooted brown
148 Barbie, blonde, waist-length hair
149 Tommy as detective
150 Tommy as sailor

151 Lorena as the Peacock Princess
152 King Dominick / Julian

Barbie's Princess and the Pauper
153 "President" doll

154 Damita

155 Policewoman Barbie
156 Rosie O'Donnell
157 Christina Aguilera
158 Britney Spears
159 Will Turner

Pirates of the Caribbean
160 Ken as Prince
161 Barbie, red hair

162 Tennis outfit Barbie
163 Mulan

Disney's Mulan
164 Stacie, blond

165 The Streak
(my custom)

Homo Heroes
166 Ken, molded dark brown hair, hoodie
167 Skipper, blonde

168 German nurse

169 Tommy - Scottish
170 Kelly - Spanish

171 Kelly - Dutch

172 Sergio Valente guy, black hair
173 Kevin

174 Skipper Majorette
before 'Teen Skipper'
175 Barbie, platinum blond, big pink earrings
176 Sabrina the teen-aged witch
177 Harvey Kinkle

Sabrina the Teen-Aged Witch
178 Jasmine

179 Aladdin as Prince Ali, sort of
180 Snake Eyes

G.I. Joe Real American Hero
181 GI Joe, blonde, crewcut, black gloves
182 GI Joe, dark hair

183 Joe Namath

184 Johnny Unitas

185 Max Steele

186 Busy Ken (1969)
187 Ken, very tan

188 Ken, brown hair

189 Barbie?, red earring, long blonde
190 Action Man, brown hair
191 Daryl Dragon

Captain and Tenille
192 Sporty Spice (Melanie C.)
193 Prince Derek, redressed

Barbie's 12 Dancing Princesses
194 Hispanic with full joints
195 Butterfly Prince (Mariposa)
196 Draculet, Tommy Halloween vampire
197 Barbie Holiday Voyage
198 faux-Aurora

199 faux-Belle

200 Happy Family father
201 female, long auburn hair
202 Barbie, jointed arms, braided hair
203 Barbie, Rapunzel
(dress is Rapunzel)

Barbie as Rapunzel
204 Ken as Scarecrow

Wizard of Oz
205 Ken as Cowardly Lion

Wizard of Oz
206 Ken as Tin Woodsman

Wizard of Oz
207 Tommy as Munchkin mayor (dupe)

Wizard of Oz
208 Liana as lion cub

209 Elphaba Thropp, Wicked Witch of the West

210 Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland
211 Becky, Smiling, wheelchair
212 Kid Action

213 Ken Adventure Rte 66
214 Barbra Streisand outfit
215 Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stratton

Funny Face
216 Little Bo Peep Barbie
217 Hard Rock Barbie
218 Free moving Ken (tennis outfit)
219 Wonder Woman

220 Oz (Daniel Osbourne, BTVS)
221 Peter Boyle Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein
222 Adrian Paul as Gavin McLeod

Highlander TV Show
223 Jackie Chan

224 Luke Skywalker

225 Ken, blonde

226 Todd as ring-bearer
227 Winkie Guard and Winged Monkey
Wizard of Oz
228 Ken, crocheted grey suit
229 Ken, crocheted maroon suit
230 Barbie, black, crocheted yellow dress
231 John Smith

Disney's Pocahontas
232 Female, short dark, freckles

233 Ken, prince?, rooted black hair
234 Theresa, gold dress
235 Grand Moff Tarkin

Star Wars
236 Surf's Up Beach Steven
237 Patrick Dempsey as Robert

238 Homeless Ken

Shaving Ken
239 Morticia Addams

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240 Gomez Addams

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241 Catholic Priest

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242 Patrick Dempsey as Robert 2

243 Wilbur Wright

244 Orville Wright

245 Pope John Paul 2

246 Reem Acra Bride

2008 Barbie Convention
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247 Ultra-Corps soldier by Lanyard
248 the Bride of Frankenstein
249 K-9 Corps officer and dog
250 Unknown prince in police uniform
251 Rio de Janiero Ken
252 red-haired female

253 blonde female

254 blonde female

255 Negro Male

256 Stacey, fully articulated
257 GI Joe Action Pilot
258 Prince Stefan

Barbie as Rapunzel
259 Hermione Granger

Harry Potter
260 Kelly as wizard

261 Barbie as Little Debbie
262 GI Joe

263 Maleficent

Sleeping Beauty
264 Dimitri

265 Cairo Swordsman

Indiana Jones
266 Wild Bill

267 Japanese Ken

268 Blonde Woman

269 Japanese WWII Soldier
270 DiD type with Cigar
271 Obi-Wan Kenobi (older)
272 Oliver

Hannah Montana
273 Barbie in white lace dress
274 AA boy, Stacey/Todd size
275 Allan

276 Mardi Gras Ken

277 Fashion Fever Ken
278 Shaving Ken

279 Red head

280 Prince Charles

281 Bake-a-Cake Barbie
282 Bake-a-Cake Baby
283 Steve Scout, loose
284 Laura Bush

285 British soldier, WWII
286 GI Joe named Lee
287 Original Ken

288 Grecian Princess

289 Stacie

290 Stacie

291 Skipper

292 GI Joe, blonde

with chainsaw
293 GI Joe, brunette

294 Cool Crimp Kevin
295 Fairy Barbie with pink hair
296 Kocoum

Disney's Pocahontas
297 Esmerelda

Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
298 Kid Connection guy, brown hair, center part
299 female, short platinum hair
300 Power team figure, drk brown hair part left
301 Ariel, teen, flat feet

Disney's Little Mermaid
302 Barbie, fully articulate, blonde
303 Allan, wavy red hair parted right
304 Prom Night Ryan

High School
Musical 3
305 Prom Night

High School
Musical 3
306 Graduation Ryan

High School
Musical 3
307 Pink Witch Barbie

308 Graduation Chad

High School
Musical 3
309 Prom Night Troy

High School
Musical 3
310 Prom Night Gabriella

High School
Musical 3
311 Stacie

312 Heart Family Grandfather
313 Heart Family mother
314 Brown Recluse

315 James Bond
(George Lazenby)
316 Stone Cold Steve Austin

317 GI Joe, long hair, stripes on face

318 Wedding Day Sparkle Groom

319 Jesse Ventura

320 Luke Skywalker
in Bespin fatigues