My mother was a very "crafty" person, and she loved to make stuff from kits. (She was also a talented seamstress, and in fact earned her living for many years in that profession.) A few years ago she built the edifice shown in the following pictures, using a plastic canvas kit. Plastic canvas is a plastic gridwork through which one weaves yarn.

Although this castle is intended for Princess BarbieŽ and her friends, my tastes don't run that way. So poor Princess B (and Prince Ken) have been ousted, and the castle taken over by the forces of evil.

This is the front view of the exterior of the castle. Notice that (Disney's) Captain Hook is arguing with Blackbeard, while an alien from V: the Visitors stand guard on the battlements.

A close-up of Hook and Blackbeard:

And a detailed view of the front
door, showing the brass lions. I'm not sure what function they serve on the castle; they started out as drawer pulls, I think. Mother added them.















Here is a full view of the interior of the castle.

It has eight rooms; there is an interior hallway on each floor so that you don't have to go through the bathroom to get from the bedroom to the office, for example. It is modular, in three sections, for ease in moving. The years have not been kind; it is sagging from its own weight.

On the ground floor the first room on the left is the dining room. Only room for four diners. Note that all the furniture is also plastic canvas (except for a few oddments that I have added). Note also the chandelier.

In the center is the kitchen, where Snow White's Wicked Witch is whipping up a savory batch of something. I took two photos, one with and one without the chair, so you could see the stove.

The cauldron is one of my additions. The overdress is original, but I made the undergown because I thought she just looked wrong with bare arms.

Here is the living room, or sitting room, or parlor, occupied by Cinderella's wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and her two daughters Drizella and Anastasia.

Lady Tremaine seems to be scolding the two girls, but they don't seem to be taking it to heart. Anastasia in pink is wearing her original dress; Drizella's dress came from a "Pretty Princess" (or some such name) set. Lady Tremaine is one of the Disney sets where the head fits over the head of a traditional Barbie.

Upstairs we have the bedroom, where the Big Bad Wolf is waiting for some sweet moppet in a red outfit to drop by for dinner.

The mirror is aluminum foil, and has not survived the years very well. The bedposts are also troubled; they were broken during a display of the castle. The purple bureau is an addition. The handkerchief bedspread was added by my mother.

Here's the bathroom. The Wicked Witch of the West is in the hallway outside.

All the bathroom fixtures are plastic canvas, which means they probably aren't very usable. I made the the Wicked Witch's outfit.

And finally, the office, where the Queen of Evil, Maleficent the bad fairy from Sleeping Beauty, is conferring with the Wicked Queen (Snow White). The WQ apparently has a split personality, since she's also downstairs in the kitchen. I try not to think about these things.

I'm not sure what the objet on the mantel is, but doesn't it look right? Maleficent is sitting in a wicker chair that I added.

PS: Maleficent RULES!

As a side-note, my mother died in December of 2008. I miss her very much every day. During the last years of her life she was blind and could not create the wonderful things she produced earlier. But I sleep on embroidered sheets every night.


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