Geobra Island is the fantasy land on which my Klickie Characters reside.  I have tried to create a place with an area for each Klickie genre.  Here is a map of the island, which looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece. New information is in red , as are any links that are new or have had major changes.

Starting at the north, I will now go around the island clockwise, identifying points of interest.  When the site is completely populated, clicking on a name below will take you to more information about that city.  Please note:  these names are liable to be changed at any  moment, should I think of a name that better suits my fancy.

Iceburg:  the northernmost city, perpetually blanketed with snow.  Here lives Santa Claus and family, and also some Eskimos in their igloos.

Fjord Fairlayne:  the home of the Vikings.

Fiff Thavenu:  a pleasant little village in the land known as Sax.  It is often pillaged by Vikings, unfortunately; hence the newspaper headline:  Viking Sacks Fiff Thavenu.

Victoria:  a city of the 1890's, set in Ingle Land.  

Universe City:  high in the mountains, on the shore of the glacial lake, sits the great city of the Future.  Spaceships and aliens are common in Universe City, but nowhere else.

Modern City:  spanning both sides of the East River, Modern City prides itself on being up-to-date, even though it doesn't have many buildings.  Modern City is divided into two sections, Gothic City on the north and Metropoville on the south.  Gothic City is dark and gloomy, with architecture that is baroque and bizarre.  Metropoville boasts straight lines and clean streets.  It all depends on who you are and what you like.

Surewould Forest:  a huge wooded area, home to a bandit band, and to several hedge wizards operating out of ruined castles and fortifications.  

Supreme Court: the great castle on the sea coast.  It is ruled by King Bing, one of the first Klickies to arrive on Geobra Island.

Phantasia:  a beautiful city on the edge of the mountains.  It is nominally ruled by King Louis Whatever (he lost count) and his queen, Malicia, who is the real power behind the throne - in front of it, too.  King Philip the Great and his wife Queen Bea claim the throne, but live in exile.  The inhabitants of Phantasia all seem to be either nobles or maids.

Forest of Nora Tern: a mysterious woods, populated by creatures of magic and mystery. Here there be wizards, unicorns, dragons, gnomes, and the mysterious Nora Tern.

The Isle of Lucy:  stronghold of the pirates of Geobra Island.

Moo:  an underwater city, built around a great rock that sticks out of the ocean.  It is home to the merpeople.

Britannica:  a town built on the edge of the great swamp.  Here the Navy has its headquarters, and patrols the area, trying unsuccessfully to keep the pirates down.

Kenbarbi:  a town at the mouth of the Uppalazi River on the edge of the great jungle.  Currently it is uninhabited. North of the town there are ruins, native tribes, and wild animals to keep explorers and archeologists busy.

Sumerkind (Sumernot):   an ancient city built on a green patch bordering the great desert.  It is home to many wise men, including the three Magi who may be the rulers of the island.

Awaysis:  in the middle of the great desert is a lake, giving life to the this small area.  There is a tomb outside Awaysis, owned by the once-great pharoah or priest Skeem; it is known as Pyramid Skeem.

Rock City:  the home of the Injuns of Injun Territory.  

Saffron Cisco:  the wide-open western town, founded by a lady of the same name.  

Fort Bravo: a fort near the Snake River, with the mission of keeping the Injuns in check.

Snake River:  a very small town, also known as "the Pineys".  It is a hideout for bandits, among other things.  

Fort Secession: another fort, this one populated by men in grey uniforms.

Aroma: a new city, founded by Marcus Registrada. He is now organizing a legion to move to the city, along with Clea Patra and Virginia Reel. See Sumerkind (Sumernot)

Peeping:  a deserted city on the edge of the great plain of Mongrolia.  

The Steps of Mongrolia:  a geological formation, around which the Mongrolians have built their civilization, if you want to call it that.

U Conn:  a very small community on the edge of the Rushin River.  It is often snowed in, and contains little except a trading post and Mountie Station.

That's the map of Geobra Island; click on any highlighted name to see more.

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