Many years ago (during the 1980's, in fact), I received a number of Playmobil sets on various gift-giving occasions.  These included the Pirate Ship, the Castle, the Victorian Piano Player, and several others.  As time moved along, I carefully boxed them and stored them away for another day.

Another day arrived in 2003.  I had begun collecting the DC Pocket Super-Heroes figures (and still am), and needed a table for the Justice Society of America meeting room.  I went on eBay and found the Victorian Wedding Reception set, which offered lots of chairs and a big table.  Perfect.  However, I had also strayed back into the world of Playmobil, and was seduced by the many, many, many, MANY exciting sets being offered.  For a little while I went nuts, as a new collector (or an old one returning to the fold) is wont to do.  

So now I want to use some of the space on my web site to show off the sets I have collected, the modifications I have made, and the incredible fantasy world that exists inside my head, and now in one large (but not large enough) room in my house.  

There is an interesting similarity between Playmobil and the Teenie Weenies.  Playmobil people (called Klickies) are 2 3/4 inches high; the TWs range between 2 and 3 inches.  And both the Teenie Weenies and the Klickies deal with archetypes:  characters representing a nationality, profession or character type.  See the example below:

Before we go any further, I have two disclaimers and a warning that I want you to read.  One is required by geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG., the manufacturer of Playmobil and owner of the trademark:  

Disclaimer # 1:  This web site is not owned, operated, sponsored or authorized by geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG. geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG does not endorse, and is not responsible for, this web site or any information or links contained herein; makes no express or implied warranties with regard to any information or links on this web site or any other linked web sites; and is not bound by any statements made on this web site, or by those who own or operate this web site. The trademarks PLAYMOBIL®, PLAYMOBIL® SYSTEM X, PLAYMOBIL® RC TRAIN and PLAYMOBIL® FUNPARK and the copyrighted images of PLAYMOBIL® products are the sole and exclusive property of geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG, which reserves all rights therein.

The second disclaimer is from me.  

Disclaimer # 2:  I do not consider myself to be bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic nor in any other way superior to the mass of humanity.  However, I am also possessed of a sense of humor which may find the preceding topics in some way funny, to the distress of persons who take life more seriously.  And I am certainly NOT politically correct, and have been known to lean toward the sacrilegious!  Therefore, anyone who finds such humor offensive is respectfully requested to go somewhere else, thank you very much.  And, although I do not think the following pages are dangerous to the young mind, parents should fulfill their parental duty by reviewing them first before allowing their children to do so.  Or not, as the case may be.

Warning # 1: If you are one of the people who feel that puns are the lowest form of humor, this site is NOT for you. Run while you still have a chance!

One other note: to use a role-playing game convention, most of the time I will be writing "in character". But occasionally I will step out of character and speak "player to player", to describe some feature as if these were toys rather than a living, vital community. When I'm speaking "player to player", I will use red letters. However, if a link is in red, it means that it has been added or updated with the most recent update.

And now, without further ado, let me take you to the various areas of Klickiness that I have put together.  Click (or Klick) on one of the following links to begin your journey.

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