From my youth I have always enjoyed comic book super-heroes. In younger days I wrote many stories, mostly involving the Legion of Super-Heroes. Today, of course, I'm older and wiser, and ... okay, I'm still doing it. And one of the things that amuses me is to create super-heroes from Playmobil characters, as seen below. There are no stories associated with these characters - yet - but the framework is coming together.

And this is Aqua-marine, hero of the underwater city of Moo . Occasionally he may come to the surface to help other heroes battle water-based menaces, but he's really not very good on land.

Of course, for a proper super-hero series, you're going to need a lot more villains than heroes. Here are four of the worst:

The Vicious Circle has as its goal only total domination of the island.

Of course, these four seldom confront the super-heroes directly. They prefer to work through minions. Here is the insidious Prince Fu On-Yu and his minions (also seen in Sumerkind):

  1. Fu On-Yu: Oriental Prince and mastermind of Evil.   Although driven out of his home city by the Mongrol Hordes, he hopes to return someday - as ruler of Geobra Island.   See also under Sumerkind (Sumernot).

  2. Fu's servant, a lowly coolie, nameless here for now.

  3. Voivode Doodat: leader of the Mongrol Hordes.   After destroying the city of Peeping, he was left without a job, and so was enlisted in Fu On-Yu's plans for destruction and domination.   Note: his name is pronounced "Y-Woody".

  4. Jude Oh: A refugee from Nip-Up, an island just off-shore of Peeping.   He is now nominally a henchman of Fu On-Yu, but is actually working to thwart his plans.

  5. Mulan Rouge: half-caste Eurasian beauty, a pawn of the mastermind, trying to escape his sinister clutches, but forced to assist him in his nefarious schemes.

Now, some Klickies seem evil straight out of the box - like the following:



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