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Some characters came without necessary props. The Shade's cane was swiped from a Playmobil® Victorian gentleman. The magic lassos in the hands of the two Wonder Women (Womans?) are made from a stiff gold twine that I bought at the hobby store. Compare it to the rather pitiful plastic one that came with the Wonder Girl figure.








From left to right: back row: Black Adam, White Feather, Dumb Bunny, Doctor Light, the Riddler, Lt. Diana Prince, Gorilla Grodd. Front row: Captain Marvel Jr., Shadow Lass, Brainiac 5, Merboy (Manno), Matter-Eater Lad, the Kryptonite Kid, Aquagirl (Tula), Mouseman.


The first two customizations I did were Matter-Eater Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Kryptonite Kid, a Superboy villain. When I took my first photo of ME-L and KK, I was distressed to see how the Kid's green paint didn't match. I repainted him, but I see it still isn't 100% perfect. The human eye isn't discerning enough to see the variation, but the camera is.







Here's Captain Marvel's young assistant, Captain Marvel Jr., and one of their worst villains, Black Adam, who also has the Shazam! powers. I really hate the shade of blue that I used for Junior, and won't paint anything else blue until I find one I like better. This is also where I learned that the kind of plastic used for capes cannot be painted with enamel paints. They do NOT dry!









The Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes is my favorite, and here are two great characters: Brainiac 5 and Shadow Lass. Interestingly enough, B5 has a romantic relationship with Supergirl, while Shady is attached to Mon-El, both of whom are represented in the professional sets. With the romantic duos of Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad, and Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl, Love Is Sweeping the Legion. By the way, notice that I had to snip Shady's cloak to get the right effect.







Lt. Diana Prince, the Silver Age Wonder Woman's secret identity, and Mouseman, one of her Silver Age villains - one of the few who wasn't a giant underwater robot dinosaur! Diana is from a Lois Lane, with a hand-made skirt and painted glasses. Mouseman is a customized JLA Atom figure, with a tail made from a bread twist tie and ears added using Golden Gel Medium. The skirt is made from a plastic tablecloth from Paper Warehouse. It isn't exactly the right color, and there was a lot of tablecloth, but it cost less than $2, so what the hey?







What a romantic I must be. Here's Aquagirl (a.k.a. Tula), Aqualad's girl friend, and Mer-Boy (a.k.a. Manno), Wonder Girl's aquatic sweetie. Aquagirl's short haircut was created by swapping a Cosmic Boy head onto a Saturn Girl body. Manno's tail is from a Polly Pocket mermaid costume. It had to be cut down, but only youthful hips would fit into it, so it had to be a teen-age mer-creature. Golden Gel Medium was used to slightly point his ears, but you can't really tell in this photo.






JLA villain Doctor Light and Batman foe the Riddler. Dr Light was made from a Starman, and his crest is going the wrong way. If I'm lucky, no one will notice.









From that wonderful and short-lived parody magazine, here's cowardly White Feather and Dumb Bunny, a blonde joke before there were blonde jokes. WF is obviously a Green Arrow custom, while Dumb Bunny is a Black Canary head on a Hawkgirl body. (I used her wings for a whole different customization, not shown here.) The ears are Golden Gel Medium. A romantic relationship was hinted at between them in the last couple of issues, for one thing because she was the only woman he wasn't terrified of!






Last but not least, here's Gorilla Grodd to round out the Legion of Doom and Flash's Rogue's Gallery. Perspicacious viewers will immediately figure out that Grodd is not a DC Pocket Super Heroes customization, but a Playmobil gorilla (#3039). It's true. Take me away, officer. (But doesn't he just look right?)








That's all for the first wave; I'm currently working on my second. Expect some surprises; I'm stepping outside the DC Universe to touch on some other comic legends. I'll let you know when the next wave is ready...




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