Batman and Robin have solved the Riddler's puzzle, and followed him to the chemical factory. But it's a trap: Catwoman and Two-Face are also waiting for them.

The 'set' is the chemical factory on the other side of Wayne Manor.

Aquaman is in trouble! Black Manta has captured Aqualad and Aquagirl in the ruins of Atlantis. Can the Sea King rescue them?

Count on it. The "Atlantis" set is an aquarium accessory donated by my buddy Craig.









Flash's Rogues Gallery has laid a trap for Flash and Kid Flash outside the Police Station.

Left to right: Captain Cold, the Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen), Kid Flash, the Mirror Master, Professor Zoom (the Reverse Flash). Police station by Playmobil®.

Here's Wonder Woman facing two of her foes, Cheetah and Mouseman. Oblivious, Wonder Girl is flirting with her boy-friend, Mer-boy.

Two of Superman's foes, Brainiac and Bizarro, have captured Lois Lane in order to lay a fiendish trap for the Man of Steel: a lead box with Kryptonite. But Superman has an even cleverer plan in mind -- close the box!

The box is by Playmobil®. The Kryptonite came with the Clark Kent / Superman figures. It's really dramatic, but it doesn't photograph well at all! I've lightened it just so that it will show up at all.








The Marvel Family (Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.) have been trapped in the kitchen by two of their worse enemies, Dr. Sivana and Black Adam!

Kitchen furniture from the Dollar Store. Mary Marvel and Captain Nazi are scheduled to appear later.

And last but not least, Black Manta has highjacked the Glamour Girls Ocean Queen, and is now sailing with his comrades in the Legion of Doom to loot some unsuspecting seaside town.

Solomon Grundy is lounging in the (empty) pool, proving that he's not the brightest villain in the line-up. Cheetah is sunning herself on the aft deck. Gorilla Grodd has climbed to the highest vantage point for a better view, but Black Manta is using a telescope to look for their prey. Brainiac is standing on the foredeck. Sinestro is using his power ring to fly around the ship, and is about to land. Great special effect, huh? On the enclosed deck, the Riddler is cheating Bizarro #1 at shuffleboard. Not seen: Lex Luthor, who will be coming with the December Superman set; Giganta, whom I cannot figure out any way to provide; Scarecrow; and the Toyman, who is so silly I can't even think about him. Oops - it looks like I forgot to include Captain Cold. How embarrassing.

The ship is of course the "Glamour Girls Ocean Queen." It has been in storage for a long time, and was pretty dirty and discolored. I cleaned it up as best I could, and then used my graphics software to help it a little more. But it still looks pretty pathetic. But what a great prop / set! The ocean was clipped from the cover of Superman # 139.


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